OSGi and Equinox Book Updated

OSGi and Equinox Book Updated

In a previous post, I mentioned that an OSGi and Equinox book is in the works. Well, we are nearing completion of the entire thing. Since we started doing the book there have been many changes in direction, content and now the title.

The new title, “OSGi and Equinox: Creating Highly Modular Java Systems” is a much better reflection of the content and intended audience. Originally we were very Eclipse-focused.  How does Eclipse use OSGi, how does Equinox work, … As we wrote more and more of the code and the text it, of course, became clear that all of this stuff is generically relevant and applicable.

As a result, the book is now essentially a generic OSGi book that covers a wide range of standard OSGi concepts and details. Mixed throughout are specifics that relate to Equinox (yes, we talk about the extension registry). The net result, we think, is a technically sound, pragmatic treatment of OSGi with value add for people using Equinox.

Along with this rethink came a look at some new content that is not so generic but still hugely relevant. For example we added:

  • More detail on provisioning with p2,
  • Coverage of server side OSGi creating WARs that use the servlet bridge
  • Distributed OSGi (RFC119) and ECF
  • Great depth on Declarative services
  • Many best practice and experience tips
  • Even integrating Google Earth as a service!

Needless to say, we are pumped about this content and about finally getting the damn thing out.

Its not quite done yet but very close. The Rough Cuts content should be updated by early October and the final version in a book store near you by Christmas.

P.S. Yes, the 2nd Edition of the RCP book is still coming and hopefully is on a similar timeline. Type type type…

  • gary thompson
    Posted at 8:16 am, September 11, 2009

    hI jeff

    will there be a rough cut of the rcp second edition?


  • Andrea Zoppello
    Posted at 8:59 am, September 11, 2009

    Hi Jeff,

    Very Glad to know these new directions of the book, the server-side stuff documentation is something
    that is really needed, starting from the wiki documentation is quite complex and to understand what happens behind the servlet-bridge stuff i was looking at the code….

    Finally i’m able to use the servlet-bridge and to register my “custom-bridge”, but to achieve that i had to look
    at past message forums looking for what i was looking for…

    So if i could give a little suggestion, you could think to document not only the servlet-stuff, but also the way for
    external applications ( web or not ) to invoke OSGi services..