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At the Forefront of Technology and Innovation

At EclipseSource, we’re not just participants but leaders in the tech landscape. We spearhead over 10 core open-source projects, driving innovation at every turn. Our team members are crucial to our success, and we prioritize creating an environment that nurtures your potential and embraces innovation, including:

  • Personal Growth: Ample room for self-fulfillment and career development.
  • Collaborative Culture: An open, welcoming company culture with flat hierarchies and zero bureaucracy.
  • Collaborative Software Development: No “body-leasing” here. You’ll be a part of our development teams, working in diverse customer projects to craft cutting-edge software solutions.
  • Flexible Working Conditions: Option to work from home, flexible hours, and yet a vibrant office environment.
  • Continuous Development: Regular personal development meetings to ensure you’re always advancing.

Our Team’s Expertise: Our Most Valuable Asset

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. At EclipseSource, every team member is empowered – and expected – to engage with new technologies and challenges, and contribute to our ongoing projects and exploratory initiatives.

  • 4+1 Rule: Spend at least 20% of your time on open-source projects and personal innovation.
  • Conference Participation: Opportunities to attend and present at leading technology conferences.
  • Visibility and Influence: Gain recognition as an expert through blogs, articles, and forums, influencing both current projects and future directions.
  • Skilled Colleagues: Work alongside highly competent, technically savvy, and proactive peers.

Developer-Driven Excellence

EclipseSource values the art of software craftsmanship. Quality isn’t just a goal; it’s a responsibility shared by all, including our CEOs who stay deeply connected to our tech roots and actively engage in technical discussions. We appreciate the benefits – and effort – of well-written, well-designed software.

Feedback Culture: We thrive on open dialogue and fresh ideas—your voice will not only be heard but leads to meaningful changes.

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