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Harness technology’s full potential in your venture. As your technology partner, EclipseSource is committed to crafting solutions that align seamlessly with your specific needs.

Journey with us and benefit from our:

  • Creators of innovative technology
  • Architects of renown frameworks
  • Designers of domain-specific languages
  • Experts in open-source software
  • Developers of modern tool platforms
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Custom Tools & IDEs

Complex domains like software, engineering, and finance demand top-notch tools. That’s our forte: crafting domain-centric tools and IDEs that simplify the intricate.

Tool development services

Business Applications

Facing a daunting challenge? We’ve got the tech blueprint to navigate your challenges. Rely on us for solutions that embody best-in-class tech, aligning perfectly with your unique needs.

Product development services

Modeling Tools

Embrace the power of modeling to navigate and master the complexities of today’s business and engineering domains, with streamlined modeling solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Modeling tool development

Tech & Frameworks

Whether refining a current solution or pioneering a new approach, we’re here for you. Partner with us for frameworks and tools that synergize cost-efficiency with quality.

Leading Technologies

Developer Support That Fits Your Needs

EclipseSource offers a versatile range of developer support services, ensuring you’re covered through every phase of your software journey.

  • Collaborative on-site workshops
  • Constructive code reviews
  • Blueprint solutions in action
  • Guided remote mentoring
  • Efficient bug resolutions
  • Tailored sponsored development

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Developer Support That Fits Your Needs

Elevate Your Product with Our Expertise

Partner with EclipseSource and leverage our deep expertise in requirements engineering, agile methodologies, and cutting-edge technology. With our rich experience in open-source frameworks and a commitment to software quality and sustainable development, we’re uniquely positioned to tailor solutions that meet your precise needs. Let’s collaborate to drive your project forward, ensuring timely delivery within budget and creating a product that’s built to endure.

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Elevate Your Product with Our Expertise

Join a Team That Values You

Seeking a dynamic work environment that’s both challenging and rewarding? EclipseSource is where local collaboration meets remote flexibility, offering the best of both worlds in a semi-distributed model.

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Join a Team That Values You

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