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EclipseSource brings together recognized experts for key technologies, professional processes and the ability to meet the technical requirements of our customers. Our company provides a complete range of products and services from innovative framework development, developer support and training, sponsored development and long-term support, to custom product development.

Founded in 1997, EclipseSource has locations in 8 countries in North America and Europe. We serve a truly global customer base ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to individual developers.

With leadership roles in over ten key Eclipse and general Open Source projects (desktop, web and mobile), EclipseSource offers commercial users a previously unattainable level of commercially adopting open source technologies.

As framework and tool creators, we always strive for more efficient development and better quality of code. Therefore, we have strong focus on creating and applying modeling and multi-platform solutions.

With Tabris.js, we are the creators of a cross-platform mobile framework. We cover services from framework extension to complete product development for mobile first business solutions. We provide extensive experience with the development of self-explanatory and highly secure consumer apps (healthcare, banking).

As Experts for EMF, EMF Forms, JSON Forms and related technologies, we are the leaders of an open source ecosystem for model-driven development and modeling tools. We cover the complete range of UI platforms, from desktop to single-page web UIs (e.g. AngularJS). Further we are experts in storage, versioning, graphical visualization and processing of modeled data.

Framework Adoption and Open Source 0
Multi-Platform 0
Modeling 0
Open Source Java / JavaScript / Mobile 0

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