EclipseSource in Paris

Think Global, Act Local

World-class Eclipse expertise in your neighborhood

Does your project require intensive interaction with the development team? Working agile means being able to integrate fully in the day-to-day operations and development processes of a project. The EclipseSource team in France provides specialized services around the themes Eclipse, RCP and EMF, and is right in your neighbourhood.

With our consulting, support and R&D services, your team has ongoing help and backup from the experts at EclipseSource in your locale. We’ll provide answers or recommendations and hands-on help – when and where you need it. We cover a broad range of technologies including Eclipse RCP, Eclipse 4, RAP, OSGi, EMF, EMF Forms, UML2 & Papyrus and more.

Here are some of the things we do, contact us to get Eclipse working for you!

7, rue de la Croix Martre, 91120 Palaiseau, France

+33 1 85 41 08 67

EclipseSource France SAS lead: Rémi Schnekenburger

IBAN: FR76 3006 6104 0100 0203 0110 213

CIC Massy Palaiseau BIC: CMCIFRPP

824 977 516 R.C.S. EVRY

USt-ID-Nr. FR64824977516