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EclipseSource has well over two decades of experience in designing, developing and enhancing tools for a variety of domains based on all major technology platforms. Whether it is a classic IDE for software engineering, a modeling tool for  domain experts, a domain-specific solution for engineers, regardless if the tool is a web-based tool, a desktop-based application or a plugin/extension for Eclipse (RCP), Visual Studio Code or Eclipse Theia, EclipseSource can support you in implementing the best possible solution for your use case. 

Our experts have a deep understanding of the relevant technologies for supporting your project, including Eclipse Theia, Che, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse GLSP, LSP, EMF,, EMF Forms, JSON Forms, GMF, CDT,, JDT, Papyrus, Eclipse RAP, the Eclipse 3.x/4 platform itself and many more. 

We provide a complete range of services including conception, evaluation, training, support, consulting and product implementation, all with a special focus on framework adoption, creation, and (long-term) maintenance.

EclipseSource is a major contributor to a large number of open source projects inside and outside the Eclipse ecosystem. As framework and tool creators, we always strive for more efficient development and better quality of code.

EclipseSource is distributed over multiple locations all across Europe and North America and serves a truly global customer base from various domains, ranging from Fortune 100 corporations to individual developers.

Here are some of the things we do, contact us to discuss your individual requirements!

Tool development
Consulting and Workshops, Development Support
Sponsored Open Source Development

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