Tailored AI Assistant Solutions

In the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, the power of domain-specific AI assistants is unparalleled. At EclipseSource, we recognize the diverse needs of our clients and specialize in developing custom AI assistants that cater to a variety of purposes - from user support and code generation to project configuration and intelligent search engines. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies ranging from renowned public models like ChatGPT to advanced open-source frameworks such as Phi2, we offer a comprehensive service. Our expertise lies in carefully selecting the most suitable base technologies and incrementally training and fine-tuning these models. This ensures that your AI solutions become domain experts in their respective fields, providing invaluable support and significantly boosting user productivity. Whether you’re in need of an assistant that understands the intricacies of your specific domain or one that streamlines your workflows, our team is equipped with the experience to guide your AI journey.

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Tailored AI Assistant Solutions

Seamless AI Integration into Tools

The fusion of AI with tools and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) represents a significant leap forward. At EclipseSource, we stand at the forefront of this revolution, combining our deep expertise in modern AI technologies with our profound knowledge of tools and IDEs. Our mission is to facilitate the seamless integration of AI into your existing toolchain, transforming how you work. Whether it’s embedding an intelligent chatbot, implementing a sophisticated code assistant, or crafting a custom AI-driven solution, we are committed to embedding the power of AI directly into your workflow. Our integrations are designed to make AI an intuitive and indispensable part of your daily routine. By embracing our AI integration services, you can expect not just an upgrade, but a transformation of your work environment, with productivity gains that are not just incremental, but orders of magnitude higher.

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Seamless AI Integration into Tools

Continuously Learning AI

At EclipseSource, we understand that the journey with AI is continuous and evolving. Beyond just implementing AI solutions, we offer specialized services to ensure your AI experience keeps improving over time. Our approach involves setting up robust evaluation mechanisms and feedback loops, allowing the AI to learn and enhance its capabilities based on real user input. This dynamic improvement process ensures that your AI solutions remain cutting-edge and increasingly effective. Recognizing the critical importance of privacy and security, we also provide expert guidance in deploying AI solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Our team is adept at navigating the complexities of data protection, ensuring that your AI integrations are not only powerful but also compliant with the highest standards of security and privacy. Our commitment goes beyond providing technical solutions; we aim to be your trusted partner dedicated to making your AI integration in tool projects a strategic business advantage.

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Continuously Learning AI

Let’s work together

Our renown experts are not only the creators and committers of many crucial open-source frameworks and platforms for tool development. We also have extensive experience in selecting, fine-tuning, enhancing and integrating cutting edge AI solutions, together with our customers and based on a healthy open-source ecosystem.

Let’s work together and benefit from our expertise to speed up your AI tool development project from the start. We support you in getting the required know-how, identifying the right mix of technologies, designing the ideal architecture and ensuring a sustainable open-source foundation of your custom tool with an optimal mix of our services.
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Concept & Evaluate

With our extensive experience in ai technologies, tool development and typical underlying frameworks, we support you in selecting the right set of technologies and the ideal architecture for your project.

Support & Training

Our technical developer support and customized workshops are an optimal way to jump-start your development team, avoid common pitfalls, and get things right from the beginning.

Consult & Develop

Let our experienced architects and developers work in close collaboration with your development team and domain experts on your custom solution to increase development speed, expertise, and quality, as well as maintainability.

Create & Maintain

Open-source frameworks are a crucial fundament of your project? We are your ideal partner for creating & maintaining the open-source frameworks you rely on with our sponsored development and long-term support options.

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