New OSGi and Equinox book chapters

New OSGi and Equinox book chapters

As some of you may know, we are in the process or writing a book on OSGi and Equinox. I just got word from the publisher that the Safari Rough Cuts content has been updated.  This new content includes several new chapters as well as revisions to some of the previous chapters.

Overall the book covers most of the major OSGi features and functions as well as particular value-add bits from Equinox and the Eclipse community. We cover in detail the use of PDE for developing and OSGi-based systems as well as advanced topics like provisioning with p2 and embedding Equinox in app servers using the servlet bridge.

As with the RCP book, we start from scratch and develop a realistic application through the course of the book.  In this case it is Toast, a fleet management system complete with extensible vehicle-side software and a central management server.  Anyone seeing a conference talk from me in the past year has likely seen at least some part of the example.  This approach is cool as it exposes and addresses the issues you have as developers creating such systems.

Check out the new book content and send us your comments.  They really do help.  Also, look for the first batch of content for the 2nd edition of the RCP book on Rough Cuts soon…

  • Andrea Zoppello
    Posted at 15:34, 2009-05-07

    Hi Jeff,

    I’ve bought the book and it’s very well written.

    One usefut things for me is to include if is possible a chapter on the more useful compendium services, like Event Admin, Wire Admin and Configuration Admin ( not sure about that but probably this will be covered in chapter 12 that is still not complete ).

    This because to understand some of these great services from the specification is not always so easy.

    For example at the moment i’m a little confused about the way the Configuration Admin works with DS Component Factories.

    Just my two cents, and thank for that great book.


  • Lars Vogel
    Posted at 09:43, 2009-08-09

    Regarding the EclipseRCP book: you may want to update the page which is linked to from The latest what is new entry is from 2006-12-09.

  • Posted at 03:50, 2009-08-10

    Thanks Lars. We will be updating all of the website soon. Stay tuned.