Seamless Team Integration

As your dedicated technology partner, our role extends beyond conventional consulting, covering everything from strategic technology and architecture advice to hands-on contributions in your project, perfectly attuned to your specific needs. We integrate with your team seamlessly, fostering a synergistic collaboration that drives your product forward, whether it is a domain-specific IDE, a modeling tool, or a custom AI assistant integrated with your product. By blending our tool development expertise and deep knowledge of key open-source technologies with your product vision, we significantly expedite the development process and ensure a swift and seamless transition from the initial concept to the finished product, driven by shared innovation and expertise.

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Seamless Team Integration

The Path to Reliable Innovation

Our iterative approach starts with designing a robust architectural blueprint and swiftly move to prototype a minimal viable product, enabling early feedback to align the product’s vision and framework. This iterative approach allows for quick adjustments, ensuring the end product precisely fulfills your requirements. As we progress to comprehensive development, our dedication to excellence and pragmatism guides us, employing best practices and rigorous testing strategies to ensure your product’s reliability. At EclipseSource, our commitment is to build software that lasts. We achieve this by meticulously selecting open-source technologies that form a resilient foundation for your product and designing solutions with minimal dependencies, thereby ensuring its longevity and ease of future enhancements.

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The Path to Reliable Innovation

Benefit from Technology Leaders

Our deep expertise and leadership in instrumental open-source platforms like Eclipse Theia, VS Code, GLSP, and other technologies is fundamental to our development strategy. This profound knowledge allows us to adeptly manage the complexities of product development within these ecosystems, sidestepping usual obstacles and ensuring the deployment of best-fit solutions right from the outset. As key contributors to these open-source technologies, we excel in enriching these platforms with both versatile extensibility options and critical features tailored to your product’s needs. This strategy not only reduces superfluous code in your product but also precludes the need for temporary fixes, ensuring a streamlined and efficient development process.

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Benefit from Technology Leaders

Collaborative Knowledge Transfer

Our collaborative model aims for more than just the immediate success of the project; it’s about merging expertise to make your product resilient for the future. By forming a blended team of EclipseSource specialists and your in-house developers, we catalyze rapid innovation while facilitating a continuous flow of knowledge. This symbiotic relationship equips your team with the insights needed for the ongoing refinement and support of your product, solidifying its enduring success in the market. Our track record of spearheading product development for important industry players highlights our capacity to deliver customized solutions that exceed expectations.These partnerships reflect our unwavering dedication to empowering you to craft and maintain the superior product your vision deserves.

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Collaborative Knowledge Transfer

Let’s work together

Our renowned experts are not only the creators and committers of many crucial open-source frameworks and platforms for tool development. We also have extensive experience in developing, extending and modernizing domain-specific tools, modeling tools, and IDEs together with our customers based on a healthy open-source ecosystem.

Let’s work together and benefit from our expertise to speed up your tool development project from the start. We support you in getting the required know-how, identifying the right mix of technologies, designing the ideal architecture and ensuring a sustainable open-source foundation of your custom tool with an optimal mix of our services.
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Concept & Evaluate

With our extensive experience in tool development and typical underlying frameworks, we support you in selecting the right set of technologies and the ideal architecture for your project.

Support & Training

Our technical developer support and customized trainings are an optimal way to jump-start your development team, avoid common pitfalls, and get things right from the beginning.

Consult & Develop

Let our experienced architects and developers work in close collaboration with your development team and domain experts on your custom solution to increase development speed, expertise, and quality, as well as maintainability.

Create & Maintain

Open-source frameworks are a crucial fundament of your project? We are your ideal partner for creating & maintaining the open-source frameworks you rely on with our sponsored development and long-term support options.

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