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EclipseSource training provides you with the real-world insights you need to kick-start your own development efforts. A hands-on approach and small class format (max. 6-8 participants) ensure that you’ll gain a broad understanding of the material and get plenty of individual attention.

Eclipse Theia Training

Our Eclipse Theia online training provides you and your team with a jump start for the development of your own custom solutions based on Eclipse Theia extensions.

Eclipse Theia Kick Starter Package

Eclipse RCP

The Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) is used in almost every industry. Using course material designed by the RCP project leaders and committers, this course accelerates your adoption of this comprehensive platform.

RCP Training
RCP Advanced

Eclipse RAP

Are you looking for an Eclipse RAP training? Gain insights from the developers that designed the platform! Learn best practices for single sourcing, great looking apps and performance optimization.

RAP Training
RAP for RCP developers

Eclipse Modeling

EMF is the de facto industry standard for modeling in Java. Our courses introduce the basics of EMF and enable the participants to create models in EMF, generate code and build applications with models.

EMF Training
EMF Forms Training

Workshop: Mobile Apps with Tabris

Tabris is the first mobile framework that allows you to develop apps completely in Java while leveraging the power of native widgets. This workshop enables a team of developers to get started with the development of Tabris based mobile apps.

Workshop mobile apps

Eclipse 4 (e4) RCP

Eclipse 4 (e4) is the next major release stream of the Eclipse RCP SDK. This course introduces the most important features of the new Eclipse Platform, highlights the major improvements over Eclipse 3.x and enables participants to develop applications based on Eclipse 4. Course participants will iteratively create an Eclipse 4 application including a workbench, views, menu items and services.

Eclipse 4 (e4) RCP Development
Introduction to Eclipse 4

Eclipse Testing

This course provides an introduction on testing techniques, tools and best practices, which are specific for testing bundles, Eclipse RCP, e4, OSGi applications and related technologies.

The course covers different kinds of testing encompassing unit tests, integration tests and system tests for the complete application. Additionally, it deals with distinct components including services, data models and UI components. Best practices, tools and testing strategies are introduced for the different areas of testing.

Eclipse Testing Training

When You Need It – Where You Need It

Open enrollment courses are available at a variety of times and locations at our training centers. Private / On-site courses at your location are available on request. On-site trainings can be adjusted to your needs regarding material and duration.

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