Why Sponsoring?

At EclipseSource, we understand the importance of open source software and the impact it has on software development. That’s why we offer sponsored open source development services that enables you to support the development of open source projects so they align with your strategic goals and meet your specific requirements.

As part of our service, we provide ongoing support to the open source projects, including bug fixes, feature enhancements, and security updates. We also support you in extending the customizability of the open source projects to enable your unique use cases.

This saves maintenance cost of your software product in the future, as you reduce complexity in your proprietary code by avoiding ugly workarounds, generic code or complex patches and forks you’d need to maintain yourself otherwise. Moreover, you strengthen the open source project with your contribution, which facilitates long term availability and a sustainable community.

We work closely with you to understand your specific objectives and identify the best open source strategy to support your software product. Get in touch with us to learn more about how our sponsored open source development service can help you achieve your goals while making a positive impact on the community.

Project Influence

Influence the direction of open source projects that are crucial to your business and add capabilities and features that are important to bringing your software project forward.

Ongoing Support

Benefit from ongoing maintenance of the projects you build on, such as bug fixing, security upgrades, compatibility with current technologies and compliance with the latest standards.

Save Costs

Reduce complexity and maintenance effort of your proprietary code by avoiding ugly workarounds, generic code, and custom patches or forks in the code base of your proprietary product.


Strengthen the ecosystem with your contribution and ensure the long term availability of the open source projects you rely on with your proprietary product for the years to come.

Enable Customization

Access our team of expert developers to extend and enable the customizability of open source projects to meet your specific needs and customization requirements.


Build a strong relationship with the open source community and gain long-lasting recognition for your strategic contributions and open source involvement.

Eclipse Theia

As a web-based IDE framework, Eclipse Theia is a popular choice for developing custom cloud and desktop applications. By sponsoring the development of Eclipse Theia, you can benefit from ongoing improvements to the framework, such as new user interface components, support for alternative deployment architectures, novel language features, increased performance, enhanced security and much more. Our team can also help you making Eclipse Theia even more customizable where it matters to your domain-specific tool or custom IDE.

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Eclipse Theia

Eclipse GLSP

If you’re developing graphical modeling tools for your business, Eclipse GLSP can help you create rich, interactive diagrams that are easy to use and maintain. By sponsoring the development of Eclipse GLSP, you can help drive the direction of the project and ensure that it continues to meet your needs. Our team supports you in enabling your use cases with Eclipse GLSP, such as integrating it with other tool platforms or modeling frameworks, or adding new diagram features, such as facilitating specific diagram visualizations, edge routing algorithms, or editing features tailored your domain-specific use case.

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Eclipse GLSP

C/C++ development tools & CDT Cloud

CDT is a popular C/C++ development toolkit that enables tool providers to create tailor-made IDEs for a variety of toolchains and platforms. With CDT Cloud, you can do the same for next-generation cloud- and web-based C/C++ development tools, making it easier for your users to start developing with your hardware, toolchain or platform in a modern and user-friendly IDE based on latest web technologies and development tools. By sponsoring the development of CDT Cloud, you can help define the direction of this emerging project and ensure that it meets your specific needs. Our team can also help you extend CDT Cloud to support your toolchains, debugging tools, or integrate it with specific SDKs.

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C/C++ development tools & CDT Cloud

Eclipse Modeling

If you’re working on a new modeling tool based on latest web technologies or if you are using traditional EMF-based modeling technologies, EclipseSource can help. By sponsoring next-generation modeling frameworks and components, such as EMF Cloud, you can make an impact on the direction of the underlying technologies, ensuring they meet the requirements of your modeling applications, including compatibility with your modeling infrastructure and other data-centric tools, support for collaborative modeling workflows, model validation, transformation or code generation. If you are already using EMF and its rich ecosystem, our team of experts can not only provide ongoing maintenance and support, but also facilitate and simplify the migration of your existing modeling tool to a modern technology stack.

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Eclipse Modeling

Many more open source technologies

EclipseSource is deeply involved in many open source technologies and knows the ecosystem inside out. Contact us also for several other technologies, if you require additional features or support that are not currently available. By sponsoring the development of the open source project, our team of experts can extend and customize the project to meet your specific needs, ensuring it aligns with your business goals. Our team can also provide ongoing maintenance and support, giving you peace of mind that your project is up-to-date and functioning optimally. Whether you’re looking to improve performance, add new features, or ensure compliance with the latest standards, EclipseSource can help you get the most out of your open source investment.

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Many more open source technologies