Another Eclipse Mommitter

Another Eclipse Mommitter

Its mid-Movember and things are getting hairy in Eclipse-land. A dedicated team of committers, the Eclipse Mommitters, have banded together to grow moustaches to raise awareness of men’s health issues. Since I’m basically lazy and work at home, it happens that I’ve not shaved for a couple weeks. So, though late to Movember, I am fully prepared to produce a moustache.

Chris ran a poll to determine the kind of ‘stache he should grow. Great community involvement in setting direction. Keying off that I’m going to try and illustrate the causal connection between contribution and results. This can be applied to any community effort whether its men’s health or Eclipse itself.

The plan is to grow as much facial hair as possible and allow the highest donor to choose what kind of moustache I should sport for the last week of Movember. As an added bonus, it turns out that that week I will be teaching a course at a customer and presenting at the Ottawa Eclipse DemoCamp so there is some risk here for me…

The person with the highest cumulative donations on Movember 22nd at 23:59ET (or thereabouts) will be identified in a comment on this blog entry. If it looks particularly dangerous for me, I reserve the right to override the donor with a 2x donation. I will wear the designated moustache for the following week.

So get out the credit cards and put in your donation now. You can check out Mo progress first hand next week at one of the EclipseRT days in Austin or Toronto.