Register for TheiaCon 2021 now!

November 9, 2021 | 1 min Read

EclipseCon 2021 has just closed its doors and we are happy to already announce the next highlight of the year, TheiaCon 2021! It will be a two day virtual event with fully focused on Eclipse Theia, the next generation framework for building tools and IDEs.

TheiaCon will have a very “timezone friendly” time schedule; the core track of four hours per day should be convenient for almost all around the world. What is especially interesting is the mix of longer sessions, providing in depth details, and lightning talks just briefly teasing specific topics. This allows the program of TheiaCon to cover an amazing variety of topics (see the event page). We are looking forward to this interesting content and of course we are also proud to contribute to it.

TheiaCon also promises to be a great place for the Theia community to meet. Even the speaker list includes core committers, contributors and adopters. We are looking forward to the wrap up sessions in the evenings which will allow for individual questions, discussions and hopefully great conclusions. So if you work on theia, if you adopt it, if you use it, or if you ever thought about doing any of this, register for TheiaCon now!

Jonas, Maximilian and Philip

Jonas, Maximilian and Philip

Jonas Helming, Maximilian Koegel and Philip Langer co-lead EclipseSource. They work as consultants and software engineers for building …