Portland DemoCamp 11/2010 – Photos and Slides

Portland DemoCamp 11/2010 – Photos and Slides

Thanks to everybody who attended or presented at the Portland Eclipse DemoCamp last Monday. This time the theme was “Eclipse for mobile developers”. We had about 50 attending, which is a strong uptick from past events.

Below some pictures and slides from the event:

1. Michael Galpin (@michaelg) from eBay opened the night with a presentation on ‘Android Development with Eclipse’. He introduced the Android platform and demoed the Eclipse-based Android Development Tools (ADT). Interesting fact: eBay’s mobile applications on Android are enjoyed by more than 3 million users. If you want to learn more about Android, Michael’s upcoming Android book should be a good place to start.

2. John Thomas from RIM continued with ‘BlackBerry Application Development Options‘. BlackBerry developers have a variety of language choices for developing apps, such as Java, HTML5/Javascript and Adobe AIR. All development tools are integrated nicely in Eclipse and Adobe’s FlashBuilder (also Eclipse based). Visit this page for details on BlackBerry app development.

3. Elias Volanakis (@evolanakis) talked about ‘iPad Development with Eclipse RAP‘. After introducing the project I demoed how to write a calculator web-app for the iPad using Java. We are optimizing RAP for mobile devices for the 1.4 release next summer. You can download the slides here.

Thanks for joining us,