OSGi EventAdmin Redux

September 21, 2009 | 1 min Read

I recently blogged about the OSGi EventAdmin service and got some good feedback. I like to inform people of some more things that came to light about EventAdmin. First, I added a template in PDE for the OSGi EventAdmin service that will make its debut in Eclipse 3.6 M3:

OSGi EventAdmin Template

It basically uses OSGi Declarative Services to register an EventHandler that listens for the bundle started event topic by default:


Hopefully this should make it easier for people to get started with OSGi EventAdmin.

Second, Scott Lewis from the Eclipse Communications Framework (ECF) team has a distributed version of the OSGi EventAdmin service implemented. If you want to get at the code, check out the ECF wiki.

Finally, the Eclipse e4 project (the next generation of the Eclipse platform) is somewhat interested in the OSGi EventAdmin service. There’s been discussion on a bug around the general problem of model eventing and how to avoid the ’listener hell’ problem we had with the old platform.