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Jun 20th, 2014

Even fancier RAP Tables with Templates & native CSS


In RAP 2.2 we introduced the Row Templates feature, which allows you to layout the cells of table rows in different ways than just in columns. In RAP 2.3 we improve on this a bit by allowing not just absolute (pixel) but also percentage values for positioning. However, another cool feature that isn’t documented (because [...]

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Jun 18th, 2014

RAP, Top Eclipse Luna Feature #6


Eclipse Luna will ship in 1 week. While some of the development teams are putting their final bits in place, many committers have decided to celebrate by going to EclipseCon France. Toulouse is a long way from British Columbia, so I’m celebrating the Eclipse Release by counting down the 10 Eclipse Luna Features that I’m [...]

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Jun 18th, 2014

EMF Forms Joins the Eclipse Release Train!

Abbildung 6b

We are happy to announce that EMF Forms (and the parent project EMF Client Platform) joins the Eclipse Luna release train and will be available as part of the Eclipse Modeling Tools package. As we are new on board, I would like to introduce EMF Forms a bit, especially the new IDE tooling, which is [...]

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Jun 2nd, 2014

Tabris 1.4 Preview: Pull to Refresh

Pull To Refresh

We are working at full steam on the new features for Tabris 1.4 which we will release on June 26th. One of those features is Pull to Refresh. The mechanics of this feature are simple and have already become a standard for mobile users: Pull the user interface down to force the app to refresh its [...]

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May 28th, 2014

RAP and Accessibility / Screen Reader

As I mentioned in my previous post about RAP and Selenium, EclipseSource offers a commercial Add-On that adds WAI-ARIA support to RAP. While we use it mainly for UI-Tests, that’s not really the purpose of ARIA. ARIA stands for Accessible Rich Internet Applications, and is a W3C recommendation created by the Web Accessibility Initiative group. It [...]

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May 9th, 2014

e4 on RAP – How does it work

In the post in which we introduced e4 on RAP we promised to give you some technical background information how we managed to get e4 applications running on RAP – if you are interested in the background, read on. [ Editor’s note: See also Tom Schindl’s post on update for Luna M7. ] Preface There [...]

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May 9th, 2014

e4 on RAP – Update for Luna M7

Update to Luna M7 We’ve updated the codebase to the upstream Luna M7 bits – remember from the initial post – we had to fork some of the upstream bundles because they contained code we cannot support on RAP. Now the target we provide in our p2-repository matches the upstream codebase. Bugfixes / Features It [...]

Apr 30th, 2014

Tabris 1.4 Preview: Markup to Style Text


As we are working towards our next Tabris release 1.4 in June, we decided to post regular feature previews. This one is about the upcoming feature we call “markup support”. Markup support is available in RAP since version 1.5 milestone 6. Now we will get it into Tabris, too. Markup support is your tool of [...]

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Apr 29th, 2014

How to write UI tests for RAP with Selenium 2.0


We’re occasionally asked how RAP supports UI tests. And while we were aware that there are developers creating UI tests for RAP, we never gathered much experience ourselves. However, in recent months I had the opportunity to delve deeper into this topic myself, specifically researching if Selenium 2.0 works with RAP 2.x. Spoiler: It does. [...]