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Nov 14th, 2013

RAP 2.2M3 introducing “Row Templates” on Tree & Table


Behold! After moving ClientScripting from Incubator to RAP proper in M1 and revising ToolTips in M2, we finally introduce an all new key feature in 2.2M3 called Row Templates. Row Templates will allow you to change the way a Table or Tree widget presents Items on screen, completely replacing the default column layout. A template [...]

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Oct 7th, 2013

The evolution of RAP’s FileDialog


The ability to upload files is key functionality for every Web application and, naturally RAP can upload files too. In the beginning ( RAP 1.2 ), this functionality was provided by a custom widget called Upload. This widget was based on an early version of the Qooxdoo UploadWidget contribution project. In RAP 1.4 the old [...]

Sep 27th, 2013

Coming Up: RAP 2.2M2 with sexy new ToolTips


RAP 2.2M2 is due next week, and if you use any ToolTips (the property, not the class) in your application you will notice quite a few changes. First, ToolTips have a new default look, and they can now point towards the widget they describe. Instead of placing it somewhere besides the mouse cursor, the ToolTip [...]

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Sep 24th, 2013

Execution of JUnit Tests in a Single-Sourced Application


One strength of Eclipse is the possibility to use the same code on desktop clients as well as in web clients. The same application can run as an installed desktop application and in the web browser, with only few adjustments for both platforms. In our experience, about 80% to 90% of the code can run [...]

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Aug 30th, 2013

Introducing RAP AutoSuggest


A while ago we started a new RAP Incubator project, the DropDown widget. This is basically a List widget that can be attached to a text field, like the pop-up of a combo box. In itself this widget isn’t terribly useful, but it provided the basis for the new AutoSuggest component, which is currently part [...]

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Aug 26th, 2013

RAP 2.2M1 published, ClientScripting changes

The first milestone of RAP 2.2 has been published last Friday. It’s main attraction is the RWT Scripting feature which was formerly known as the incubator “ClientScripting” project. If you are currently using ClientScripting and wish to upgrade to RAP 2.2 (which will be released in December 2013), you should be aware of some breaking [...]

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Aug 12th, 2013

Optimizing Images for Mobile, Native and Web Apps

Nowadays applications are expected to provide a better look & feel than ever before. This trend is not limited to mobile apps – desktop and web applications need keep up as well. A common solution is the extended use of images and graphics. But all the shiny pixels can take up quite a bit of [...]

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Aug 2nd, 2013

How to debug RAP 2.x custom widgets and client listener


RAP 2.0 introduced the JavaScriptLoader service to allow custom widgets to load their scripts dynamically. However, because this is based on an “eval”-like JavaScript feature, the scripts did not appear like all other in the browser developer tools, and setting break points was not possible. The same exact same issue always existed for ClientListener. For [...]

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Jul 31st, 2013

Tabris 1.1 is here!


Today we are proud to release Tabris 1.1. Since the 1.0 release we have focused on making Tabris even more robust and made improvements such as a whole new TabFolder implementation for the Android client and a new Tree implementation for the iOS client. Of course, besides robustness and bug fixes we have added many new features. [...]