May 19th, 2016

Creating a Floating Action Button in Tabris.js


Ever since its introduction at Google IO 2014, material design guidelines have gained more and more traction in the web and mobile landscape. Android has adopted the design style and more and more Google properties are moving in that direction. With the release of Tabris.js 1.7 we made it much simpler to create one of [...]

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Apr 6th, 2016

Getting Started with Microsoft ChakraCore

Earlier this year Microsoft released ChakraCore — their powerful next generation JavaScript engine — as an OpenSource project under an MIT license. Microsoft also announced that they would be integrating Chakra with Node.js on Windows. At EclipseSource we have a long tradition of bridging technologies. We brought Eclipse/RCP to the web via RAP; we brought JavaScript as [...]

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Mar 31st, 2016

Introducing the Tabris.js template app – 7 apps in 1

It’s been a year since we launched Tabris.js 1.0 – a year of tremendous growth, experimentation, and improvement. It is now clear in the industry that a JavaScript runtime which creates native platform UI, is a more successful approach than the traditional WebView approach used in past hybrid app development. We’re getting emails from developers [...]

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Mar 29th, 2016

Announcement: Windows 10 Support coming to Tabris.js


The goal of Tabris.js is to enable you to write an app once and run it on any mobile platform you need, always using 100% native UI components. By now Windows 10 Mobile has a respectable market share in Europe, and its x86 counterpart is running on millions of tablets and laptop/tablet hybrids everywhere. Therefore [...]

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Mar 24th, 2016

Tabris.js 1.7 is here

System bar theme

Tabris.js 1.7 is here, now! It features the ability to set rounded corners on widgets, a system bar theme for Android and iOS, simplified syntax for the creation of widgets and much more. Read on for the highlights! Rounded corners on widgets The new property cornerRadius allows you to apply a rounded clipping to the corners of a [...]

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Mar 9th, 2016

EMF Forms 1.8.0 Feature: Factories for TreeViewer and TableViewer


With Mars.2, we released EMF Forms 1.8.0. EMF Forms makes it really simple to create forms which edit your data based on an EMF model. To get started with EMF Forms please refer to our tutorial. In this post, we wish to outline one of the new features of release 1.8.0: A factory API to [...]

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Mar 3rd, 2016

Plan Your EclipseCon NA with the Conference App

EclipseCon NA 2016 app screenshots

EclipseCon North America is just around the corner, and the EclipseCon NA 2016 app has finally arrived to help you make the best of the conference! Update: A Windows app is now also available: The app makes it really easy to explore the conference program and build your personal schedule. Here is what you can [...]

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Feb 29th, 2016

Tabris.js: Declarative UI in 100 lines of functional programming


Hi, as this is my first post on the EclipseSource Blog, I thought I would introduce myself. I’m Shai Alon – new employee at EclipseSource and the mobile developer evangelist for the Tabris.js technology. I am a full stack JavaScript expert and my previous job was a team leader of a full stack JavaScript team [...]

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Feb 29th, 2016

EclipseSource Oomph Profile: Updated to Mars.2

Mars.2 was successfully released on Friday, February 26st. “Mars.2” is the second “service release” for Mars (former SR2). We updated the EclipseSource Oomph Profile accordingly, so, if you use our profile, you just need to restart your Eclipse IDE, and all updates will be applied for you. If you are running multiple instances, please close all except [...]

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