Feb 16th, 2015

CollectionView: Display Data Sets in Tabris.js


The CollectionView is one of the most powerful widgets on iOS. On Android, there’s a similar widget called RecyclerView. Both widgets implement the same idea: they display a data set by creating only as many cells as fit on the screen and mapping the visible data items to these cells. The cells are then recycled [...]

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Feb 13th, 2015

RAP 3.0 M5: Clipping Support, KTable Port in RAP

KTable on RAP

The new RAP 3.0 milestone M5 is out and has been available for download since February 6, 2015. Together with several bug fixes, M5 introduces clipping support. Clipping allows you to constrain changes to a selected part of the canvas. Once you select a clipping region, all future drawing operations will be limited to it. [...]

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Feb 10th, 2015

Talks selected for Modeling Symposium @ EclipseCon North America 2015

I am happy to present the selected talks for the Modeling Symposium for EclipseCon North America 2015. It is scheduled for the second day of the conference, i.e., Tuesday, March 10th, 5pm. The symposium aims to provide a forum for community members to present a brief overview of their work. We offer four 10-minute lightning [...]

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Feb 7th, 2015

Looking for help with a Hackathon at EclipseCon 2015


If you are an Eclipse committer and planning on attending EclipseCon 2015, we need your help! We are organizing a hackathon to be held during EclipseCon. The goal of the hackathon is to help new contributors make their first commit to an Eclipse project. It’s a great way to help grow your community and bring [...]

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Feb 6th, 2015

Cloud JavaScript Editor – Codemirror, tern for Tabris.js


Recently we introduced a cloud JavaScript editor as a playground for Tabris.js - we are calling it Scratchpad. In todays world it is really important to give developers an easy path to trying things out, and it is quite amazing what cloud editors can do. Our editor is based on CodeMirror and tern.js, and with [...]

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Feb 4th, 2015

Tabris.js 0.9.0 is here

maxLines property usage

Tabris.js is a new framework to develop mobile apps in JavaScript. For a general introduction, check out this post: Native Mobile Apps in JavaScript with Tabris.js. Version 0.9.0 is now online and the updated Developer App is published in the App Store / Play Store. Exciting new features are in – be sure to try [...]

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Feb 3rd, 2015

Mobile App Development in JavaScript — Three Minute Tutorial


If you have three minutes and access to an iOS or Android device, you can develop your first cross platform, native, mobile application with JavaScript, using Tabris.js. 1. Request an invite to Tabris.js Ok, this might take a few minutes, but if you request an invite and ping me on twitter to let me know, I’ll [...]

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Jan 29th, 2015

OpenSource Week in the Alps


Developing, enhancing and using open source frameworks is daily business for us. We create a lot of open source software as committers and contributors for projects at Eclipse.org (e.g. EMF Forms) and for other open source projects (e.g. qb). Our business is to make open source work for our customers. Although we spend a lot [...]

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Jan 23rd, 2015

Working with modules and libraries in Tabris.js


Tabris.js implements a module system as outlined by Common.js and supported by npm. Modules are a great way to organize your application code into isolated units. Unlike conventional scripts they keep the global namespace clean and are automatically loaded in the right order. Script modules The most common way to create a module is to [...]

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