Nov 6th, 2015

Shipping J2V8 as an AAR

We built J2V8 to bring highly performant JavaScript to Java in general, and to the Android platform in particular. By exposing Google’s V8 JavaScript API in Java, developers can now embed V8 into their Java applications on Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android. The approach has worked very well both for Tabris.js as well as many other consumers [...]

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Nov 3rd, 2015

Tabris.js 1.4 is here


Tabris.js 1.4 is out now! In this release we focused on adding further enhancements to the CollectionView. You can now implement endless scrolling and other neat effects in pure JavaScript. Read on for the details. Scroll event for CollectionView Just like in ScrollView, CollectionView now has a scroll event that lets you know when the [...]

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Nov 2nd, 2015

EclipseCon Europe 2015

Here we are, meeting again for the yearly tradition of EclipseCon Europe in Ludwigsburg. Full of interesting talks and back-stage conversations, Ludwigsburg is now the place to be! This year also, the EclipseSource team is having a strong presence with a number of hands-on tutorials and talks. On Tuesday, we kick off the day with [...]

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Oct 29th, 2015

Sideloading Apps on Windows 10 Devices


Like many other operating system vendors, Microsoft provides a store from which users can install apps from. Stores such as the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Windows Store make it very easy for users to discover and install content. Like traditional marketplaces, app stores provide a number of advantages to both consumers and producers, but also like traditional marketplaces, the rules [...]

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Oct 29th, 2015

iCTeam RAP Migration – Case Study from BOSCH


  This post is an example of how a complex RCP application can be easily adapted for the web by single sourcing it with RAP. Bosch India has single-sourced its desktop product iCTeam with RAP in order to provide end customers with easy web access and a consistent experience across desktop and web. As a [...]

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Oct 19th, 2015

Invitation to Eclipse DemoCamp December 7th 2015

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Eclipse DemoCamp Munich 2015. The DemoCamp Munich is one the biggest DemoCamps worldwide and therefore an excellent opportunity to showcase all the cool, new and interesting technology being built by the Eclipse community. This event is open to Eclipse enthusiasts who want to show demos [...]

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Oct 19th, 2015

Save the date: Eclipse DemoCamp December 7th 2015

We are pleased to invite you to participate to the Eclipse DemoCamp Munich 2015. Like in the past years, we continue in our tradition of hosting a “Christmas DemoCamp”. Please save the following date and mark your calendars on December 7th 2015 for the next Eclipse DemoCamp in Munich! We offer 80 seats, but we [...]

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Oct 15th, 2015

Tabris.js 1.3 is here

switch custom colors

Today we are proud to release Tabris.js 1.3. This release delivers on recent feature requests from our users, including custom colors for the Switch button, access to bundled resources and easy manipulation of widget hierarchy with insertBefore() and insertAfter(). Read on for the highlights. Custom Switch colors Switch buttons now offer fine-grained control over colors using the following new properties: [...]

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Oct 14th, 2015

Modeling Symposium at EclipseCon Europe 2015

The modeling symposium at EclipseCon Europe 2015 takes place on Wednesday, November 4th from 11.15am-11.50am (see here). I’m happy to present the agenda of selected talks: How EMF Oomphed Oomph – Eike Stepper Modeling Things for IoT – Dr. Udo Hafermann At last, an extensible debugger for OCL – Ed Willink In this year’s format [...]

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