Jul 30th, 2015

Tabris.js 1.1 is here


Tabris.js 1.1 for mobile apps with native UIs in JavaScript is here and we are happy to ship an exciting set of new features. These include: Cordova 5 support, new styling options for CollectionView items, consistent material design look across all supported Android devices, and the ability to patch your already published apps. Being able to patch apps after releasing can [...]

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Jul 17th, 2015

Getting started with JSONForms


JSONForms is an AngularJS-based framework to simplify the creation of forms for data entry and edit in web applications. It allows to declaratively define the data and layout of a form and to embed the form into your HTML with one simple <jsonforms> tag. If you would like to know more about JSONForms here are is [...]

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Jul 9th, 2015

RAP on e4 – Bumped to RAP 3.0 and e4 from Mars

Last few week we worked on RAP on e4 to adopt the latest upstream components from the Mars release: RAP 3.0 from Mars release e4 core libraries from Mars release So that people developing e4 applications on top of RAP (or single sourcing their e4-RCP) can take advantage of the improvements (bugfixes and features) incorporated [...]

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Jul 8th, 2015

Announcing J2V8 3.0


Last month I spent 10 days in Germany. I spent time at the EclipseSource headquarters in Karlsruhe, where I enjoyed schnitzel, good beer and a few strange sights. I also attended EnterJS, where we brought an iPhone attached to a punching bag to show just how responsive Tabris.js is. While at EnterJS, I presented J2V8 and released [...]

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Jul 3rd, 2015

Tabris.js 1.1 sneak peak: Custom themes on Android


In a previous blogpost we discussed how to choose between one of the predefined themes for your Tabris.js app on Android. Basically it boiled down to setting the correct preferences value in your cordova config.xml. In this second part of the miniseries we will have a sneak peak at the upcoming Tabris.js 1.1 release, which will allow you [...]

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Jun 29th, 2015

EMF Forms 1.6.0 Feature: Localization


Two weeks ago, we released EMF Forms 1.6.0. EMF Forms makes it really simple to create forms, which edit your data based on an EMF model. To get started with EMF Forms please refer to our tutorial. In the 1.6.0, we have added a long desired feature to the framework: View Model Localization. To be [...]

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Jun 29th, 2015

EMF Forms and EMF Client Platform 1.6.0 released!


We are happy to announce that together with Mars we have released  EMF Forms and EMF Client Platform 1.6.0! We want to thank all committers and all contributors for their work as well as the active ecosystem of users and adopters for the feedback and support! EMF Forms is a framework focused on the creation [...]

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Jun 25th, 2015

RAP 3.0 Boosts Performance

Response Times

This week, the third major version of RAP, the Eclipse Remote Application Platform, has been released. As a major release, RAP 3.0 cleaned up deprecated API, allowing us to change and to optimize internals. I’m happy to report that we achieved a significant performance boost compared to 2.3. Before I go into details, let’s look [...]

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Jun 24th, 2015

Top 10 Eclipse Mars Features

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 9.58.12 PM

Eclipse Mars is here! Over the past 10 days I’ve been counting down the Top 10 Eclipse Mars features I’m most excited about. 10. Mac Application Layout 9. Platform Improvements 8. UI Monitoring 7. C/C++ Launching 6. e4 Tools 5. JDT Improvements 4. Docker Tools 3. Git Flow in Eclipse 2. Eclipse Automatic Error Reporting [...]

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