Mar 28th, 2014

EMF Client Platform and EMF Forms on Eclipse 4 (e4)


With release 1.2.x, EMF Client Platform and EMF Forms officially support the Eclipse 4 Application Platform (e4). In fact, it has been possible since release 1.1.0 to develop e4 applications based on ECP and EMF Forms, but parts of the UI support were still bound to e3. In 1.2.x, we refactored these remaining pieces. Since [...]

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Mar 27th, 2014

How to write better Jasmine tests with mocks

Jasmine project logo

I recently started using Jasmine to write my JavaScript tests. I really like it – it made writing tests actually kind of fun. I especially love that you can write tests with mocks in a similar manner as you would using Mockito in the Java world. A mock is basically a lightweight object that imitates [...]

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Mar 25th, 2014

Eclipse Support for Java 8

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.10.31 AM

Last week Java 8 was launched and moments later the Eclipse support for Java 8 was announced. To help celebrate the launch, we had an entire Java 8 Day at EclipseCon 2014, which included sessions from both Java and Eclipse engineers. Highlights for me included hearing Alex Buckley describe the Road to Lambda, listening to John [...]

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Mar 24th, 2014

How to use SWT with Java 8


As you might have noticed, Java 8 was released last week ;). Most programers consider Java 8 the biggest change to the Java programming language ever made. This is mostly because of lambda expressions, default methods and streams. As an SWT/RAP/Tabris coder, the first thing that came to my mind was: “How can this make my [...]

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Mar 21st, 2014

Eclipse Lifetime Contribution Award goes to Markus Knauer

Eclipse Lifetime Contribution Award Markus Knauer

The Eclipse Community recognizes people that make longtime, major contributions to Eclipse with the Eclipse Lifetime Contribution Award. We are very pleased that this year, the Award goes to Markus Knauer, who has been a core member of our team of Eclipse specialists since more than 8 years. The Lifetime Contribution Award was introduced 3 [...]

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Mar 19th, 2014

Tabris on Android Wear


Google just announced their push into the wearable computing market with the introduction of Android Wear. Currently the main focus of Wear is to deliver rich notifications from your phone to your wrist. While that is great, Wear is actually a full fledged Android device (alas with a small screen). We took our Tabris swipe [...]

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Mar 14th, 2014

EclipseCon North America – here we come

Image credit: maxafax on Tumbler

EclipseCon North America is just around the corner! This time we’re back in San Francisco, same location we have used for the second EclipseCon conference almost 10 years ago. The EclipseSource team is having a strong presence with a number of hands on tutorials and talks, not bombarding you with slides, rather providing demos and live [...]

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Mar 12th, 2014

Introducing EMF Forms


In this blog post I would like to officially introduce a framework called EMF Forms. The purpose of the framework is to ease the development and layout definition of form-based UIs that allow browsing, creation and data entry. EMF Forms also includes typical features of a form-based UI such as validation and rule-based visibilities of [...]

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Mar 10th, 2014

Tabris 1.3 is here! Open Sourcing Passe-Partout…

Offline JavaScript Calculator

Today we are proud to unleash Tabris 1.3. Aside from many improvements under the hood and user experience enhancements for Android and iOS, some major features made it into this Tabris release. With this post we want to show you the highlights. Responsive Design with Passe-Partout Responsive Design is finally coming to the SWT world. And with [...]

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