Jul 8th, 2015

Top 10 Eclipse Mars Features

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 9.58.12 PM

Eclipse Mars is here! Over the past 10 days I’ve been counting down the Top 10 Eclipse Mars features I’m most excited about. 10. Mac Application Layout 9. Platform Improvements 8. UI Monitoring 7. C/C++ Launching 6. e4 Tools 5. JDT Improvements 4. Docker Tools 3. Git Flow in Eclipse 2. Eclipse Automatic Error Reporting [...]

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Jun 24th, 2015

RAP 3.0 Released


It’s good to be back. After using half-year release cycles for the RAP 2.x versions, taking a full year for RAP 3.0 felt eerily long. On the other hand I think it was exactly the time we needed to create a release that we can be proud of. While there was some debate the last [...]

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Jun 23rd, 2015

Error Reporting, Top Eclipse Mars Feature #2


By this time tomorrow, Eclipse Mars will have shipped. We will be enjoying many of the new features including improved Git support, docker tools, and a number of Java tool enhancements. But before Eclipse Mars ships, I still have two more entries in my Eclipse Mars 10 Top Features list. Number 2 on my list the [...]

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Jun 23rd, 2015

Tabris.js Packing a Punch at enterJS 2015

tabris.js boxing fun

We’ve just returned home from our first enterJS conference in Darmstadt, Germany. EnterJS is all about JavaScript for the enterprise, and given the history of enterprise software, we weren’t surprised to find many developers with the same Java background as us. Still, it’s a pleasure when people at a JavaScript conference recognize you for your [...]

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Jun 22nd, 2015

Git Flow, Top Eclipse Mars Feature #3


After 12 months of work, almost 80 projects, 380 committers, 352 contributors, and 65 million lines of code, we’ve finally arrived at Eclipse release week. Eclipse will ship on Wednesday June 24th, and that means we’ve arrived at the Top 3 Features in my annual Eclipse Top 10 List. Eclipse has shipped with Git support since 2011. [...]

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Jun 22nd, 2015

The what and why of JSON(Schema)


Two weeks ago we announced JSONForms, a declarative AngularJS-based Forms renderer based on JSON and JSONSchema. In this post we’ll therefore have a look at JSON schema: what it is, and what its applications are. We then illustrate how it relates to JSONForms and close with a small example demonstrating JSONForms. (source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rainchurch/5258618843) What is [...]

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Jun 19th, 2015

Docker Tools, Top Eclipse Mars Feature #4

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 9.36.50 AM

Eclipse Mars is just around the corner. As the Eclipse team is hard at work putting the finishing touches on everything, I’m traveling Europe, presenting about Tabris.js and J2V8 and counting down the Top 10 Eclipse Mars features I’m most excited about. Throughout my day I work on several different projects. I’m responsible for Eclipse [...]

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Jun 18th, 2015

JDT Improvements, Top Eclipse Mars Feature #5

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 12.36.36 PM

Eclipse Mars will ship on Wednesday June 24th. While Eclipse can be used for C, C++, JavaScript, PHP and many other languages, many people still consider Eclipse a Java IDE, and a pretty darn good one too. As we inch closer to the release, and I continue my countdown of the Top 10 Eclipse Mars features, [...]

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Jun 17th, 2015

e4 Tools, Top Eclipse Mars Feature #6

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 12.36.46 PM

Eclipse Mars ships in 1 week, and that means that we are at the half-way point in my Eclipse Mars Top 10 List. Number 6 on my list is a feature that’s been in development for a while now and long overdue. In 2012 Eclipse launched a new application model called e4. The application can [...]

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