Dec 18th, 2015

EclipseSource Fall Strategy Meetings


The best way to predict the future is to invent it The software landscape is constantly changing and while software may be eating the world, those who fail to adapt will be swallowed whole. At EclipseSource, we are constantly challenging ourselves to ensure we are working on interesting problems while satisfying our customers’ needs. We are continually [...]

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Dec 14th, 2015

The next Eclipse release / EclipseSource Room?


A simple, but nice thing about Eclipse releases are their names. Traditionally, Eclipse releases have been named after moons or other space-related phenomena. This started in 2006, when the 3.2 release was named “Callisto”. After Europa, Ganymede and Galileo, another simple, but great idea was to order the release by the first letter of their [...]

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Dec 10th, 2015

Announcing J2V8 3.1

Just in time for Christmas, J2V8 3.1 is now available. It ships as standard JAR from Maven Central, an Android Archive (AAR) for your Android developer friends, and now as an OSGi bundle. Here is the official New and Noteworthy for J2V8 3.1. Note: Please consume 3.1.6. I had a number of deployment issues when pushing out [...]

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Dec 10th, 2015

J2V8 as an OSGi Bundle

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 10.41.44 PM

J2V8 is a set of Java Bindings for V8. I’m happy to announce that with the 3.1 release, we now ship J2V8 as an OSGi bundle. This means that you can easily use J2V8 on your favourite OSGi runtime, or as an Eclipse plugin. To make it even easier to consume, we’ve also made J2V8 [...]

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Nov 20th, 2015

Tabris.js Tips & Tricks: Parts 1 – 3

1 – A module for every page! The Page widget and JS modules are a natural fit. The backbone of your Tabris.js App should consist of modules defining pages. For example ‘MyPage.js’: You can then use it like this: 2 – Give that back! In the above example we give some data to the page, but [...]

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Nov 20th, 2015

EMF Forms goes AngularJS


Over three years ago, we started the explicit development of EMF Forms as a sub component of the EMF Client Platform. The goal was to ease the development of data-centric form-based UIs based on a given EMF data model. Rather than manually coding UIs (e.g. in SWT), the approach is to describe them declaratively in [...]

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Nov 17th, 2015

EMF Client Platform 1.7.0 Feature: EMF Change Broker


With Mars.1, we released EMF Client Platform and EMF Forms 1.7.0. EMF Forms is a framework focused on the creation of form-based UIs. If you are not yet familiar with EMF Forms, please refer to this tutorial for a introduction of EMF Forms. EMF Forms is a sub component of the EMF Client Platform, which [...]

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Nov 12th, 2015

How RAP Inspired a New Generation of Mobile Apps

Eclipse RAP is well-known for enabling the migration of complex RCP applications to the web, and providing a sustainable single sourcing paradigm. It’s been delivering on these promises for the past decade. 4 years ago we decided to also cater mobile platforms. We came to the conclusion that only native widgets can deliver excellent usability and created a new [...]

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Nov 9th, 2015

Modeling Symposium at EclipseCon Europe 2015 – Slides

Thanks for attending the modeling symposium at EclipseCon Europe 2015, thank you for the positive feedback and thanks to all the speakers. Two of the presenters have shared their slide with me, which can be found here: Modeling Things for IoT – Dr. Udo Hafermann At last, an extensible debugger for OCL – Ed Willink  

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