Apr 24th, 2015

Tabris.js Examples – Network Access


Writing mobile applications is not only about the UI. Apps also need content. Often times they fetch dynamic content over the network. This post introduces the basic mechanism for network access in Tabris.js: XMLHttpRequest. The post also explains how higher level networking API can be used. Tabris.js supports a subset of the W3C browser APIs. [...]

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Apr 23rd, 2015

J2V8 2.2 New and Noteworthy

I’m happy to announce the availability of J2V8 2.2 (2.2.1 actually). This release adds two important features: 1) Typed Arrays and 2) 64 Bit Windows support. Typed Arrays In Javascript, most arrays are untyped. That is, you can create an array and add anything to it. A  few years ago, the Javascript community realized the need [...]

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Apr 20th, 2015

Shared blog for EclipseSource Munich

To make it simpler for you to follow our blog posts from EclipseSource Munich we will now use a joint blog for all topics related to our work in Munich. This means there will be less posts that appear on my blog since I will post many things on the new Blog. All posts on [...]

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Apr 20th, 2015

How to finally delete documents in CouchDB


Documents in Apache CouchDB are usually not really deleted but rather marked as such. In use cases with many document insertions and deletions, this considerably affects disc space consumption and performance. This post shows a practical way how to get rid of deleted documents and make your data base fast and efficient again. Deletion is [...]

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Apr 17th, 2015

Debugging Tabris.js


In this tutorial we will show you how to debug a Tabris.js application running on your Android phone using the Over the Air debug protocol. To get started you will need: A Tabris.js account The Tabris.js developer app deployed on your Android phone Eclipse and Eclipse Chrome Dev tools plugin 1. Create a Tabris.js Account Tabris.js is [...]

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Apr 16th, 2015

Reproducible Builds with Docker


Wiki’s and Readme files are the most common ways to document a build. While documenting a build is better than not documenting it, Wikis and Readme files have two flaws when used to describe a process: 1) they require humans to read them, and 2) they evolve. Of course the fact that Wikis evolve is [...]

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Apr 15th, 2015

Tabris.js Examples – Drawing on the Canvas


To create a rich interactive UI, the predefined widgets of your platform and corresponding toolkit are often not enough. You want to draw something yourself. Tabris.js provides just that – the Canvas widget for your own drawings. The Canvas is totally empty by default. To draw on it, you use a Context object with numerous [...]

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Apr 15th, 2015

How to use Container Dependency Injection in a RAP application

Container Dependency Injection (CDI) allows us to inject one or more components (or services) into a dependent object. Usually it makes the code cleaner, as it separates the creation of the injected objects from the component’s own behavior. Recently I’ve made a simple RAP standalone application to play together with CDI without problems. First, let’s [...]

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Apr 14th, 2015

Tabris.js Examples – Animations


Creating an engaging mobile app is a challenging task. There are several best practice approaches to increase user delight and one of them is the use of animations. Animations can guide the user through the app, provide visual clues or simply give reassuring feedback. In this installment of the Tabris.js examples blog post series we [...]

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