Feb 4th, 2016

New in the RAP Incubator: Charts with d3 and nvd3

Charts Examples

Some time ago we’ve created a draft for a Chart widget for RAP, based on the famous D3.js. Together with one of our partners, we decided to carry this work forward and make it available in the RAP Incubator. D3 is a very flexible framework to turn data into dynamic charts. Looking at their examples, [...]

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Jan 29th, 2016

Styling a Tabris.js TabFolder for Android Material Design


Creating a good mobile app goes hand in hand with creating a well designed mobile app. With Tabris.js you are able to cater the style of your app to your design needs. One of the more iconic widgets on Android is the tab. In Tabris.js tabs are represented by the TabFolder widget. The following code is taken [...]

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Jan 19th, 2016

Nebula Rich Text Editor in RAP


When you need rich text editing in a RAP application, things are getting easier. You may know that there is a RichText component in the RAP Incubator. It’s around for a long time and we found it’s time for this component to graduate. Interestingly, the Nebula project also provides a RichText editor for SWT, that [...]

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Jan 19th, 2016

All about modeling

Traditionally, modeling is a very active and well represented topic at Eclipse and consequently at EclipseCons. EclipseCon North America 2016 is a good place to find out about the latest and greatest in Eclipse modeling, as usually there is a dedicated modeling track at ECNA with some very interesting highlights: User-centric diagram editors: Jan will [...]

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Jan 15th, 2016

Eclipse 4 (e4) Tutorials updated

It has been almost 4 years since we published the first version of the Eclipse 4 (e4) tutorial. Since then, we have published several extensions and, thanks to the feedback of the community, continuously improved the content. Now it is time for a major update. First of all, I completely rewrote a related blog article [...]

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Jan 8th, 2016

Migrating from Eclipse 3.x to Eclipse 4.x – Or: Which Platform to use?

The release of Eclipse 4.x (e4) raised the question of how to migrate existing Eclipse 3.x applications to Eclipse 4.x (e4). In this tutorial I will review the options for developing Eclipse plugins and applications with the new platform. Looking forward to your comments and additions. Previous parts (part 1-7 ) of this tutorial are available now [...]

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Dec 23rd, 2015

Eclipse Democamp December Munich 2015


It has already been two weeks since we hosted the “Christmas” democamp in Munich. It was a great event with a lot of interesting demonstrations and conversations. I would like to thank all the speakers for giving great presentations! Like always, we were sold out and I am very happy, that again almost all registered [...]

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Dec 22nd, 2015

RAP 3.1 M4 is here

gc transformation

This is a quick look at the new features in RAP 3.1 M4, which has been available for download since last week. Transformation Support for Canvas The Canvas’ GraphicsContext now implements the setTransform method: Transformation support became possible as a consequence of dropping support for older IE versions in RAP 3.0 earlier this year. Column [...]

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Dec 16th, 2015

Tabris.js 1.5 is here

iPad Pro with Tabris logo

Tabris.js 1.5 is out now! Highlights include smart new looks for Android TabFolder, ability to use TabFolder as a swipe widget, support for elevation and z-translation on Android 5+, and iPad Pro support. Read on for the details. Support TabFolder images on Android Until now Tabris.js only supported TabFolder images on iOS. Now you can also [...]

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