Dec 7th, 2016

Eclipse Converge and Devoxx US


EclipseCon North America has become Eclipse Converge in 2017 and is now combined with Devoxx US. Let us briefly discuss why this is great for YOU as attendee and last but not least as speaker. So why go there from an attendee perspective? Devoxx is a very renowned and successful series of conferences – mainly in Europe [...]

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Nov 25th, 2016

YubiKey — Code signing with a smart card

By Yubico - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Code signing and verification is the process of digitally signing executables or scripts to ensure that the software you are executing has not been altered since it was signed. I previously outlined how to perform code signing and verification with OpenSSL, using both the command line and OpenSSL API. While the tutorial explained how to [...]

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Nov 15th, 2016

Running EMF Client Platform + EMFStore as RAP application on Tomcat

Building an application to view and edit data is really simple using the EMF Client Platform. This includes form-based editors based on EMF Forms. Add EMFStore to the mix and you get collaborative editing and versioning. All of this is merely a matter of defining an EMF model for your data. If you want to [...]

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Nov 10th, 2016

Modeling Symposium at EclipseCon Europe 2016 – Slides

Thanks for attending the modeling symposium at EclipseCon Europe 2016, thank you for the positive feedback and thanks to all the speakers. Three of the presenters have shared their slide with me, which can be found here: GenModelAddon – Oliver Prouvost Exploring the Future of Eclipse Modeling: Web and Semantic Collaboration – Istvan Rath Generating Visual Studio [...]

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Nov 8th, 2016

Eclipse Democamp Munich, December 5th 2016 – Already sold out?

Every year it is amazing to see how fast the Eclipse DemoCamp in Munich sells out. To give everyone a fair chance to register, we have announced the time the registration opens in advance. This year, it took less than 24 hours, until the available 80 seats were fully booked. However, even if you did [...]

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Nov 7th, 2016

Eclipse Democamp Munich December 5th 2016 – Registration opens today!

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Eclipse DemoCamp Munich 2016. The DemoCamp Munich is one the biggest DemoCamps worldwide and therefore an excellent opportunity to showcase all the cool, new and interesting technology being built by the Eclipse community. This event is open to Eclipse enthusiasts who want to show demos [...]

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Nov 3rd, 2016

Tabris.js Windows 10 Beta Program


Tabris.js is a cross platform mobile toolkit that enables application developers to target multiple platforms from a single JavaScript code base. Unlike some other cross-platform toolkits, Tabris.js does not rely on WebViews, but instead produces native applications. This is achieved by providing a cross-platform API in JavaScript and linking that API to the platform specific widgets. Additionally, [...]

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Oct 31st, 2016

Save the date: Eclipse DemoCamp 05.12.2016

We are pleased to invite you to participate to the Eclipse DemoCamp Munich 2016. Like in the past years, we continue in our tradition of hosting a “Christmas DemoCamp”. Please save the following date and mark your calendars on December 5th 2016 for the next Eclipse DemoCamp in Munich!   We offer 80 seats, but [...]

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Oct 22nd, 2016

Download the EclipseCon Europe 2016 app!

EclipseCon apps

The EclipseCon Europe 2016 conference app is here to help you prepare for the conference! The app lets you create a personalised schedule. It works offline too, so you can use it at any time without a data plan. If you are online, it will get the latest program info from the EclipseCon website to make sure you [...]

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