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Nov 16th, 2011

Effective Mockito Part 5

With this effective Mockito Post I want to share a really simple pattern with you. We call this pattern “check answers” and we use it whenever we work with Mockito Answers. The code resulting from creating Mockito Answers generally looks ugly. But, as good programmers we care about test quality, right? :) Let’s see how [...]

Oct 17th, 2011

Effective Mockito Part 4

This Effective Mockito Post will be IDE specific again but related to the last post on Mockito’s spies. If you’ve read Part 3 you should now be familiar how to use them to “pseudo mock” statics. When writing code it often comes to a point where we want to debug using single step debugging. When [...]

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Oct 13th, 2011

Effective Mockito Part 3

In the previous Effective Mockito post we saw how to use the @Mock Annotation to get a clean test. In this post I want to show you how to use Mockito’s spy mechanism to eliminate testing troubles with third party libraries. Testing is one of the most important things in software development. I assume you [...]

Sep 29th, 2011

Effective Mockito Part 2

As promised in the first part of the “Effective Mockito” blog series, I will concentrate on Mockito specifics in the followup posts. So, the main topic for Part 2 is Mockito’s @Mock Annotation. When I write tests I try to follow an explicit pattern, called the build-operate-check pattern. This was described by Uncle Bob in [...]

Sep 19th, 2011

Effective Mockito Part 1

Last week I talked to a fellow developer, Frank Appel, about Mockito. We’ve been using this mocking library for over a year. We both agreed that of all the innovations we’ve tried in the last year or so, Mockito has boosted our coding productivity the most. With this blog series we want to share our [...]