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May 18th, 2015

EMF Forms: Beyond SWT


EMF Forms makes it really simple to create forms to edit your data based on an EMF model. We have recently released EMF Forms 1.5.0. To get started with EMF Forms please refer to our tutorial. Besides saving a lot of effort when comparing to manual UI development, EMF Forms provides an additional benefit for [...]

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May 8th, 2015

Towards Eclipse RAP 3.0: Getting ready for 2015

Today, the RAP project delivers the final milestone build on the way to RAP 3.0. With this new major release, we clean up deprecated API, include some new components, optimize performance and modernize the framework to make it ready for 2015. With the new support for re-parenting, RAP can now better support the E4 workbench [...]

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May 4th, 2015

Invitation to Eclipse Democamp Mars, June 23rd 2015

We cordially invite you to the next Eclipse Democamp München, taking place on June 23rd 2015. If you want to attend this year’s Democamp 2015 please register soon! We can offer only 110 seats and usually receive around 200 registrations. You can register here. There you’ll also find detailed information on the location, agenda, time [...]

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Apr 24th, 2015

Save the date: Eclipse DemoCamp Mars June 23rd 2015

We are pleased to announce the Eclipse DemoCamp Munich 2015 on June 23rd. The DemoCamp Munich is one of the biggest DemoCamps worldwide and, therefore, an excellent opportunity to showcase all the cool, new, and interesting technology being built by the Eclipse community. This event is open to Eclipse enthusiasts who want to demonstrate what [...]

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Apr 17th, 2015

Debugging Tabris.js


In this tutorial we will show you how to debug a Tabris.js application running on your Android phone using the Over the Air debug protocol. To get started you will need: A Tabris.js account The Tabris.js developer app deployed on your Android phone Eclipse and Eclipse Chrome Dev tools plugin 1. Create a Tabris.js Account Tabris.js is [...]

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Mar 31st, 2015

Top Committer Award for Eugen Neufeld

Eugen was honored with the Top Committed Award at EclipseCon North America. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Eugen for his great contributions over the years –  especially to EMF Forms and its parent project EMF Client Platform! Eugen recently became the father of a newborn child and therefore could not come [...]

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Mar 23rd, 2015

RCP Testing Tool – Tutorial updated

Almost two years ago, I have created a basic tutorial for the UI testing tool “Q7”. In 2014, Q7 has been released as an open source project and been renamed to “RCP Testing Tool” (RCPTT). RCPTT is focused on creating and running UI/System test for RCP/SWT applications. It is an alternative or addition to the [...]

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Mar 19th, 2015

Nebula Grid and FileDialog are now part of RAP


If there is a theme for RAP 3.0, it is to bring the current incarnation of the framework to its fullest potential. On the one hand this meant cleaning up API and code and raising the minimum requirements to take advantage of current HTML5/CSS3 features. For example this allowed us to add clipping support, modern [...]

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Mar 16th, 2015

EMF Forms Migration – please upgrade to 1.5.1

In short: If you are upgrading from 1.4.x or lower to 1.5.x, and you have existing view models, please use the 1.5.1 service release provided on our download page. Luna SR2 contains only 1.5.0. Please also follow our migration guide. Longer story: We have recently released EMF Forms 1.5.0. In this release, the view model [...]

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