CKEditor for RAP

If you ever need a WYSIWYG editor in your RAP application, look no further.

I originally implemented this as an example of how JavaScript applications can be embedded in RAP as custom widgets. So if you have a similar scenario, you could also use this project as a template. The editor is fairly customizable, read the README for details. You can get the code on GitHub.

Update: this component is now available in the RAP incubator.

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8 Responses to “CKEditor for RAP”

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Tim, I extended an early version of you plugin that supports a ready and dirty event.
    It runs well in both rcp and rap envorinments. Had some javascript trouble with ie though.
    you can find the code at:
    botice that i factored out the resources as I deploy them only on the server side of my application.

  2. A Dirty event is a good idea, perhaps i will include this in my version. Though
    “editor.document.on(‘keydown’, function(event) {”
    might not catch changes done by mouse?

  3. Thomas says:

    I saw a more sophisticated “dirty” event plugin for ckeditor somewhere, but I didn’t make it work :(
    Let me now if you have more success.

  4. Rohit Rai says:

    Hi Tim, I am trying to use ckeditor as a RAP widget in my application. Its gets displayed properly when I open my application on browser. But I am facing trouble setting up the data (ckEditor.setText( “asdf” );) on the text area. I debugged this and found out that onReady() function of CkEditor is never being called when I am running it from my application but its gets called successfully when Ckeditordemo is run.
    Could you please suggest me what I am doing wrong in my application? do I need to set any initial parameters?

  5. Rohit Rai says:

    Regarding my previous question, I got the answer why the onReady function is not getting called. Actually I am using TabPage widget and in one of the tab I have embed CKeditor. Now if focus the tab which contains the CkEditor then onReady function is getting called else its not. Do you know a way if I can call the onReady function as soon as I am done with my creating of page?
    Thanks in Advance!

  6. Ingo Meyer says:

    Hi tim, thanks a lot for that widget. For our application we heavily use databinding, so I started to try to add an observable for your editor. than one can bind like “CkEditorObservables.observeText( textCkeditor, SWT.FocusOut )”.

    Unfortunately I run into to issues. First, there are no events available from the editor. I read something about an dirty event. What are the plans about this?
    Second, i try to workaround with the FocusOut, but I get no such events or not very precisely. Maybe because of ?

    If I embedd the editor inside a wizard I’m looking for an easy way to pass the input to my datamodel. I don’t want to use something like adding code in the “performFinish” method.
    Any ideas or hints for that?

    Thanks in advance,

  7. Thomas says:

    Look at this one at least shows how to implement a simple dirty event

  8. Let us know if Thomas solution solved your problem. I might include it in my version as well.

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