Announcing a full featured PDE Build example from a Git repository

I set up a githup repository that gives a working example for a PDE product build from a git repository. It is meant to ease the pain of setting up new builds by having a working template that just needs to be adjusted to the new project.

I’m planning a series of blog entries with and around that example. Some features are:

  • Works system independent
  • Executes tests
  • Builds from map files
  • Separates compile step and assemble step (Improves build time)
  • Mostly self-contained (Required: An Eclipse SDK and Git)

How to get it running in short:

  • Fetch from git://
  • Adjust values in org.eclipsercp.hyperbola.releng/
  • Execute org.eclipsercp.hyperbola.releng/build.xml with ant

Here are my slides from my talk at the Eclipse Testing Day 2011 that include some documentation. I’ll do more documentation in separate blog entries the next weeks.

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  1. Holger Grosse-Plankermann says:

    Thanks for the slides! I really liked your talk!

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