jQuery timeago in Java with RAP

A few weeks ago I showed you how easy it is to integrate jQuery into RAP using the browser widget. I’d like to show you another example of what can be integrated. Last time I created a carousel widget; this time the demo is something smaller but still really cool.

Yesterday I came across a github repository by Ryan McGeary. He has created a very clever jQuery plug-in called “timeago“. What this plug-in does is simple. It takes a timestamp and displays a text string instead of the stamp that describes the difference between the actual time and the one in the timestamp.  We’ve all seen the messages, “about a minute ago.”  The cool thing about this plug-in is that it refreshes automatically. I mean, it isn’t new to transform timestamps in this way, but it is usually done just once. So, when you visit a website in the morning and leave the tab open until evening, it still says something like, “The page was opened about minute ago” ;). This can’t happen with McGeary’s plug-in.

While having a jQuery plug-in is nice for javascript developers, it’s not as nice if you’re a Java Developer. But, fortunately we can integrate jQuery painlessly into RAP. As a result I wrote a RWT/SWT widget that simply maps the functionality of the timeago plug-in. You can set a date from the server and read the displayed text from the client.
timeago jQuery timeago in Java with RAP
If you like this idea you can grab the sources at github. Of course this is just a demo. Let me know if you would like to work with me on an implementation for productive use. Have fun with timeago icon wink jQuery timeago in Java with RAP

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Jun 7th, 2011

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