EMF and RAP – what a lovely pair

During the last weeks, Kenn and I worked together to support EMF generated editors running on RAP. I’m always mesmerized by how effective such synergies can be used when people from different teams work together for a bigger goal. Kudos to Kenn for his great work in EMF by refactoring the EMF UI bundles (namely o.e.emf.ui.common and o.e.emf.ui.edit) in order to single-source them. But what does that mean for the community?
Go out, grab EMF & RAP M6 from Helios, get your model ready, fire up properties view and switch “Rich Ajax Platform” to true. Hit the magic “Generate All” button and you’re done – an EMF backed RAP application.
For the details, please refer to the EMF/RAP integration wiki page.
In case you want to see what else is going on in the RAP space right now, I’ll be giving a RAP 1.3 N&N talk tomorrow at EclipseCon. Hope to see you there!

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  1. André says:


    Congrats for the great work!!!

  2. Miles Parker says:


    That is wicked cool. Question: you mention to use “generate all”, but can we use existing EMF.Edit (and core) functionality for the most part? IOTW is it mostly the editor parts that are different? I ask because like most people almost all of my editor logic is in EMF Edit.



  3. Benjamin Muskalla says:

    @Miles The two UI bundles of EMF (namely org.eclipse.emf.ui.common and org.eclipse.emf.ui.edit) are available as RAP bundles now, means you can use them the same way you do with the original ones. We didn’t single-source them because EMF has several reexports we cannot break. The application generated from the model works with RAP and RCP without changing the code of the application itself.

  4. Hendy Irawan says:

    I also just did this :

    (with screenshots)

    And it’s not just EMF Editor UIs on RAP, the EMF objects are backend by Teneo+Hibernate (+MySQL). Awesome! :)

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