Eclipse RAP 1.3 M5 Released

The RAP team just announced the availability of RAP 1.3 M5!

If you’re interested in single-sourcing Eclipse-based applications, please give it a try.

In the 1.3 M5 release, the RAP team added more SWT API to make single sourcing existing applications easier:

  • Composite#layout( Control[], int )
  • MouseEvent#stateMask
  • Widget#reskin( int ) and SWT.Skin event
  • ImageData
  • ImageLoader
  • ImageLoaderEvent

The team also added IApplication support which simply translates into one less extension point you have to use to create a RAP application. In the past, RAP had its own entrypoint extension point which performed a similar role to what the application support does in Equinox already.  This should make RAP even easier for RCP developers to get into.

RAP is also taking advantage of the Equinox extension registry is able to handle multiple locales.

So please give RAP a try if you’re interested in bringing your RCP application to the web.

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2 Responses to “Eclipse RAP 1.3 M5 Released”

  1. Mark says:

    When i get my RCP based product out, i am going to go back and single source. I have already done one RAP based product (dead) and had started on another (stalled).

  2. Simon says:

    Because my Bachelor-Thesis was about “Migration from RCP to RAP”, I have postet an article about Rich Ajax Platform Architecture. Please have a look at:

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