Eclipse Helios M4 is out

Christmas is in the very near future and I have the pleasure to announce the availability of the forth milestone for next year’s Eclipse Simultaneous Release Helios: M4 is out! This time it was less than one week between the Eclipse Platform build (called ‘+0’) last Friday, several builds (‘+1’ to ‘+3’) this week where other Eclipse projects prepare their contributions, and the package build (called ‘EPP’ – what else?) yesterday.

You can go ahead and download one of the Helios EPP packages from this URL

or you can update with the Release Train repository and the features from all participating projects from this URL

Everything is based on Eclipse 3.6M4.

Thanks again to everybody who helped to make this happen!

5 Responses to “Eclipse Helios M4 is out”

  1. Alex says:

    Is Modeling Tools package going to be available for Helios?

  2. ekke says:

    any idea when 3.6.M4 EPP Modeling will be available ?

  3. From an Eclipse Planning Council perspective, Helios M4 is done and there are still components from some modeling projects missing. These components are currently prerequisites to build the modeling package which is why its builds are failing.

    Next chance to build the EPP Modeling package is M5.

  4. If a package is available or not is not entirely my decision, it is the decision of the package maintainer. Up to today I haven’t heard any negative response and I am quite sure that nobody wants to drop the modeling package. It’s just that it was not ready in time for M4, nothing serious.

  5. ekke says:

    thanks for the info.

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