Simplifying the Equinox P2 User Interface

I’m not sure if people noticed this last week, but there’s been discussion of providing a simplified p2 ui by refactoring out the Mylyn discovery user interface and pushing it down the stack.

mylyndiscoveryui 246x300 Simplifying the Equinox P2 User Interface

Mik Kersten alluded to this in his blog entry last week, where having a simple discovery and install mechanism can help grow an ecosystem. I think this enhancement would alleviate a common problem RCP developers have when it comes to providing a simpler user interface for their users. p2 does a great job in offering you a set of APIs to do many things, but in most cases… the operations and user interface should be simple.

If you’re interested, please provide feedback on this bug.

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Nov 23rd, 2009