Yes, it’s a RAP application…

… and yes, this is a workbench. As part of the Galileo release train, we will publish RAP version 1.2 and it has some cool new features. One of the bigger changes is the new look and feel.

RAP 1.2 default look and feel

RAP 1.2 default look and feel

You can apply this design very easily without changing a single line of code!

Just get the RAP 1.2 RC3 build and update your launch configuration. Then, you have just two more steps:

  1. Add the bundle to the bundles tab
  2. Switch the servlet name in the main tab to ‘business’

To see the new design in action without checking out the code you can watch a screencast made by Elias (Thanks!).

Note that the screencast was made for RC2, we renamed the bundle in RC3.

To implement this design we utilized the new interaction design API. It’s a fully functional Eclipse workbench, without any hacks or other crazy stuff. It’s a production ready API. Thats all for now. Enjoy the new RAP look.

Please feel free to post your feeback and questions.

5 Responses to “Yes, it’s a RAP application…”

  1. Cool stuff Holger!

    It will be great to see more of these themes coming out.

  2. Elias says:

    I like it — except that the ‘sample actions’ overlap the logo a little bit ;-).


  3. Holger says:

    Nice to hear you like the new look.
    @Elias this overlaping is part of the design, therefore it’s transparent ;)

  4. Luís Carlos Moreira says:


    Unique Developer with Eclipse RAP in BRAZIL!

    Luís Carlos Moreira
    Eclipse RAP, RCP, GMF and Pentaho Developer
    +55 11 8476-0040

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