Workshop: Mobile Apps with Tabris for Eclipse RAP

Tabris for Eclipse RAP is the first mobile framework that allows you to develop apps completely in Java while leveraging the power of native widgets. This workshop enables a team of developers to get started with the development of Tabris based mobile apps.

The workshop

The workshop is a hands-on experience for developing your first own Tabris app. We will jointly create branded clients for iOS and Android, deploy these clients to devices and create a core Tabris application that can be run on the devices.

Duration: 1 day

Dates and registration

Tabris for Eclipse RAP workshops are held remotely on request independently of the number of participants (max. 3). For pricing and availability, please contact us at

Course Goals, Audience, and Prerequisites

Course Goals

  • Understand the fundamental concepts of Tabris
  • Learn how to brand and build native clients for iOS and Android
  • Develop and deploy a basic Tabris app

Target Audience

  • Java developers with a need for great working cross-platform mobile apps
  • Software architects interested in building cross-platform mobile apps


  • A good understanding of Java and object-oriented programming
  • Understanding of Tabris.js technology, how to configure and build an application
  • SWT knowledge is helpful
  • Experience in using the Eclipse IDE

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction to Tabris
  • Building and branding native clients
  • Best practices for mobile applications
  • Requirements for your app
  • Building your basic app with Tabris
  • Deploying your app

Introduction to Tabris

  • Tabris architecture
  • Server-side apps

Building and branding native clients

  • Setting up a development environment
  • Branding and building an iOS Tabris client
  • Branding and building an Android Tabris client
  • Deploying Tabris clients to iOS and Android devices

Best practices for mobile applications

  • Navigation
  • Look and Feel
  • Responsiveness
  • Efficient UI design

Requirements for your app

  • Use cases
  • Minimal app design

Building your basic app with Tabris

  • Application Configuration
  • Tabris UI
  • Basic widgets and layouts
  • Working with lists and trees

Deploying your app

  • Building a web archive (.war) with Maven
  • Deployment to a web container
  • App configuration

More Info


  • Workshop duration: 1 day
  • The workshop allows participants to focus on their specific app requirements. It is meant to be hands-on and provide a very basic working example that allows the team to continue the development to the full app. Depending on the complexity of the app a second workshop day can be useful and is available on request.


Tabris for Eclipse RAP workshop is held in English.