EMF Forms Training

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EMF Forms provides a new way of developing form-based UIs. Instead of manually coding form-based layouts, it allows you to describe the UI with a simple model. This approach enables you to more efficiently produce and iteratively refine form-based UIs that conform to a uniform look and feel. EMF Forms also lowers the technical entry barrier to creating form-based UIs. The UI description is interpreted by a rendering engine and allows you to switch between the UI technology stack to Swing, SWT, JavaFX or Web just by replacing the renderer.

EMF Forms is a new subcomponent of the EMF Client Platform.

Our course introduces the basics of EMF Forms and enables participants to create form-based UIs from an existing data model and embed these forms into applications. Participants will also be able to adapt the framework to specific needs and implement new custom renderers.

Furthermore, the course provides a collection of best practices and teaches the participants how to use the technology in the most efficient way.

The course is designed by project leads and committers of EMF Forms and other Eclipse Modeling Projects, who have many years of experience with the relevant technologies. Our small class format (max. 6-8 participants) ensures that participants gain a broad understanding of EMF Forms and get plenty of individual support from our experts.

Duration: 1 day

Dates and Registration

For dates of public trainings in Munich and exclusive onsite trainings please get in contact with us.

Course Goals, Audience and Prerequisites

Course Goals

  • Understand fundamental concepts of UI modeling and EMF Forms in particular
  • Get an overview of existing view model concepts
  • Apply these concepts in practice, learn how to create form-based UIs based on an existing data model
  • Learn how to embed EMF Forms into an existing application
  • Learn how to adapt EMF Forms to project specific requirements

Target Audience

  • Developers who have not utilized EMF Forms in their projects
  • Architects and product managers who want to apply and evaluate UI modeling in their software projects


  • Knowledge of Java and object-oriented programming
  • Experience using the Eclipse IDE is beneficial
  • Basic knowledge of the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)

If your team has no previous experience with EMF, the EMF Forms training can ideally be combined with our EMF training.

Course Outline

Introduction to EMF Forms and EMF Client Platform

  • History of the framework’s example applications
  • Workflow overview from view model to a running example application
  • Architectural overview

View Modeling

  • Creation of view models
  • Controls and validation
  • Layout elements
  • Tables
  • Rule-based visibility and enablement


  • Embedding EMF Forms
  • View services
  • Programmatic access to view models
  • EMF Forms runtime


  • Implementing control renderer
  • Implementing layout renderer
  • Defining new view model elements


  • Best practices
  • Alternative renderer (JavaFX, RAP, Web, Tabris,…)

More Info


  • Course duration: 1 days
  • Course structure: instructor led with at least 50% hands-on labs and tutorials
  • Learn better in a small group: maximum 6-8 participants per instructor
  • Equipment: participants supply their own computer with an up-to-date installation of Eclipse


Classes in Germany are held in German. All other courses are held in English. Other languages are available on request.