Digitalization with EclipseSource

EclipseSource owns the technology and competency to accompany you on your way to digital transformation and to ensure success for your project.

Consulting, Concept, Creation

Digitalization always begins with an idea. The implementation of this idea requires adequate knowledge, strategic thinking and the courage for developing innovative solutions. We own the technology to provide very fast roll-outs and to deliver early first versions of your solution which prove that your idea works. We have many years of experience with beta releases and pre-reviews.

At EclipseSource you will be given a complete solution offered under one roof: on the one hand expert advice on your idea, on developing a strategy and a concept. On the other hand competency, broad experience and know-how for the implementation of your project, which is not planned for the moment but for the future. We help you to successfully digitalize your processes and as a result to optimize them. And we develop appropriate products for you. Of course you can count on us also after the successful realisation of your idea.

Our products meet the strictest security criteria and convince customers with excellent quality. They are extendable and made for the future.

App technology

developing native iOS and Android apps from a single code base with our cross platform framework Tabris.js

saving nearly 50 percent of mobile development time and costs

solving security issues by over-the-air updates of the JavaScript code base without being forced to wait for admission on the app stores

always equipped with cryptographically strong methods

Runtime Self Protection for app security

easy to use apps

user-centric design

fast provisioning of applications with iterative development

Agile development

Digitalization always is a step in a new direction. Achieving a new aim and making necessary adjustments sometimes means to look back and to react promptly. This often leads to a new and innovative approach. We took this into account – with us agile software development is a matter of course since over ten years. Our customers get the opportunity to feel involved in the workflow and to cooperate with us on their projects actively. Using an iterative approach we make sure to fit your needs quickly and effectively. As a team we are solution focused which will help you to optimize your investment.


At EclipseSource experience meets innovation and technology needed to strike a new path. With our customers we develop innovative ideas, concepts and solutions. We build applications that are not only modern but also withstand industry specific challenges. Our extensive knowledge in processing sensitive data in the field of healthcare and online banking using our highly secure platforms sets us apart from other companies.

About the chatbot

Digitalization opens up completely new possibilities for the communication with clients. A very strong trend that resonates with the younger generation is chatting. EclipseSource has already recognized this trend and developed a chatbot for customer service. Combining machine learning and conventional technologies, the chatbot reliably supports its users in carrying out banking transactions. The chatbot is based on a deep app integration – it is an integral part of the app and is able to use the app’s functionalities and vice versa. The parts of the native app and the parts of the chatbot complement each other resulting in an optimal workflow. Our product is suitable for cloud deployment and for on premise deployment as well. On premise deployment especially provides support for processes including sensitive data – it’s an ideal model for business segments with strict security requirements.

Our solution provides a proven knowledge base for chat based banking. Let the future come!

App security

Rootkit / Jailbreak detection

Runtime Self Protection

Repackaging prevention

direct integration into the JavaScript Virtual Machine → protection against popular hacking tools (Java instrumentation)

Resource verification with cryptographic signatures

We would be pleased to stand by your side on your way to a digital future!