Tabris for Eclipse RAP – Pricing

Tabris reduces development costs by allowing a single team to develop cross-platform native applications for mobile devices. Instead of duplicating your effort, Tabris enables your team to build your application once and instantly serve multiple platforms. Our pricing will give you a positive Return on Investment in days.

Tabris for Eclipse RAP is offered on a yearly subscription basis. It includes maintenance and support for one year.

PlatformYearly Subscription
iOS8.000 € / 9.000 USD
Android8.000 € / 9.000 USD
 Combi-Package12.000 € / 13.500 USD

Free for educational and Open Source projects

If you work on an Open Source or educational project we will be happy to provide Tabris for Eclipse RAP at no cost. Please contact us directly at and describe the project you want to use Tabris for.

Individual Offer or OEM-Deal

Tabris for Eclipse RAP is an extensible platform that can be adapted to your needs, whether you are an enterprise, a small team, or a single developer. If you have specific requirements or would like to use Tabris in an OEM scenario please write to us at  We’d be happy to discuss it with you!