Often you will find yourself in the situation where you need to scroll some content. This is basically because mobile devices have a very small screen. In Tabris you have two ways to realize scrolling.


If you know SWT you probably know the ScrolledComposite (please note the different names). The ScrolledComposite works in Tabris out-of-the-box. Anyway, the ScrolledComposite has a hard to use API that is not very self-explanatory. For this reason, we have created the ScrollingComposite. It can be used as any other Composite. So, if you want to have a Composite that just grows with its content, you can just replace your new Composite( parent, style ) with this snippet:

Composite composite = new ScrollingComposite( parent, SWT.VERTICAL | SWT.HORIZONTAL );

The ScrollingComposite can be used with SWT.VERTICAL/SWT.V_SCROLL and SWT.HORIZONTAL/SWT.H_SCROLL to enable vertical or horizontal scrolling. If you need both, just combine them with the | operator.


We recommend you to go with ScrollingComposite, but the SWT ScrolledComposite works in Tabris as expected. So, feel free to choose the one you like better.