Client Services

Client Services

To allow access to device functionality Tabris makes use of RAP Client Services most of the time. You can access a client service any time within the UI thread using this code:

ClientService service = RWT.getClient().getService( ClientService.class );

In this case, we would get an instance of the type ClientService. The method call would return null if no service of the needed type is registered. This can happen e.g. when you want to get a Tabris service but you access the application from the browser because RAP would use different Client implementation for it.

Available Services

As already mentioned Tabris uses Client Services to make use of device functionality like camera, geolocation and many more. Currently, these services are available:

  • App: Allows to register App events, set a badge
  • AppLauncher: Allows to launch other apps on the device.
  • ClientDevice: Provides device information like the platform, rotation…
  • ClientStore: Allows to store data on the client’s device.
  • Camera: Provides access to the device’s camera.
  • Geolocation: Allows access to the device’s location.
  • Printer: Allows printing resources using the client’s device printing capabilities.
  • CloudPush: Allows registering a client to receive cloud push messages.