Tabris for Eclipse RAP: Documentation

Getting Started

Start rocket-fast with our introductional documentation.

Creating a New Application

Your Tabris adventure begins here – consume Tabris as an Eclipse Platform, create an app and deploy it to a server.

Running a Mobile Client

You have a basic Tabris app set-up, now it’s time to learn how to start a mobile client and see your app running.

Tabris Architecture Explained

Multi-platformity, lifecycle, UI, client-server communication. Learn how a Tabris app works.

Sample Applications

Running examples show you how a basic Tabris app looks and performs like.

Migrate an existing RAP Application

Having an existing RAP application? Learn how to migrate it to run on mobile devices.

Tabris Components

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to learn more about the components of a Tabris app.

Tabris UI

Understand how Tabris manages to look great on all supported mobile platforms with the help of Tabris UI.

Client Services

Access your mobile device’s goodies using RAP Client Services: app events, back navigation, inactivity time, screen protection, badges, launcher, device information, local storage, camera, and GPS.

Widget Enhancements

See how we make SWT widgets go mobile in Tabris – native animations, touch feedback, keyboard type and more.

Grouped Events

Many widgets, meant to be handled as a group? Add a grouped Listener for one touch to rule them all.


ScrollingComposite – Tabris’ alternative solution to SWT’s ScrolledComposite making it easier to manage oversized content.

List Styling

Not happy with the default 2-column layout? Apply Row Templates to your Tables and Trees and style lists to your heart’s content.

Refresh Content

Let the user refresh the content of Trees, Tables or Composite easily.

Responsive Design

Different screen sizes require different layouts. Learn about Tabris’ responsive design solution called Passe-Partout.

Client Canvas

Create a Client Canvas and handle user drawing with the ClientDrawListener.


Spawn a Video widget, control the playback, get user interactions feedback or disable interactions altogether.


Create a Swipe widget. Swipe through items using the swipe gesture and load items on demand.

Paging Indicator

Pagewise navigation often requires visual feedback. The PagingIndicator solves this problem by adding an optional indication.

UI Tracking

Track UI and eCommerce Events and submit them to Google Analytics or Piwik.

Native Dialogs

Dialogs need to look like native Dialogs on mobile devices. See how to create native Dialogs.

App Launchers

Create a custom App Launcher for our supported mobile platforms.

Creating a Launcher

Learn how to create a launcher – use tabris.js build service, create a Tabris-based application, customize and run your app.

Binding a Client

Learn how to bind a client to a specific server or disabled the version check.

Building an Application

Tabris apps are just Java web applications. Maven, Tycho, PDE Build… Choose your favourite build automation tool.

Deploying Launchers

Deploying .ipks and .ipas: Google Play, App Store or ad hoc – reach your audience.

Hacking Tabris

Need to implement a feature for your app or want to contribute to the Tabris Server or web client projects? You’ve come to the right place.

Building Tabris from Source

Customize Tabris and try out your great change – build Tabris from the source.


Get Tabris components from your favourite repository – Git or p2 provisioning.

Issue Tracker

Help us make Tabris better.

Additional Resources

Need more help? Take a look at these resources.

Available UI Controls

Buttons, input fields, labels and more – the visual controls of Tabris, on top of SWT.

Tabris FAQ

Take a look, your question might have already been answered.

Tabris Training/Workshop

Need a reliable starting point? Get a Tabris skill boost with our 1-day workshop: “Mobile Apps with Tabris”.

Eclipse RAP Developer Guide

Getting Started, RAP Widget Toolkit, Scopes and Threads in RAP, Building Applications.


Download our javadoc.

Tabris Forum on StackOverflow

Have a question? We and our community are ready to help.