Tabris for Eclipse RAP

Tabris for Eclipse RAP Release Notes

The First Java-Toolkit for Cross-Platform Development of Native Mobile Apps


Native Apps from One Code Base

Unlike other cross-platform technologies, Tabris can be used to create native, platform-specific interfaces from one Java code base. The resulting apps render native widgets on each target platform, while the application logic is all Java and remains on the server.

Initially available for iOS and Android, Tabris can be flexibly extended to cover further platforms, even legacy device inventories.

Documentation: Tabris for Eclipse RAP

Leverage Existing IT-Capital for Mobile Innovation

Companies and governmental agencies value Tabris because they can leverage existing IT-capital for their mobile innovations. Familiar tools, procedures and proven infrastructure can now be used to create mobile Apps. App development becomes more dynamic and cost-efficient.

As a bonus, the Tabris Server parts are Open Source, use established, standardized Java technologies and work on all J2EE/JEE servlet containers. All in all, Tabris speeds up ‘going mobile’ by utilizing existing resources, both personnel and technology.

Create Apps that Satisfy Your Users

A common problem of cross-platform development is dissatisfied end users. The problems range from alien navigation patterns to performance. Cost savings in development do not pay off if the productivity of mobile users is hampered. User experience and performance have been key focus points in the development of Tabris. On top, you can always integrate your own native widgets in Tabris – for superb user experience.

Enable Product Lines

Software producers and integrators profit from the convenient, modular architecture of Tabris that allows product lines. Component-oriented development promises great benefits when developing and maintaining applications that need to match up to real-world requirements.


Tabris Success Stories

Learn how Tabris delivers on the cross-platform.
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“Tabris gave us the opportunity to quickly and efficiently develop a cross-platform mobile solution for electronic patient education. Doctors who are used to working on paper hence gain access to the possibilities of an electronic system for exactly the platform they have the most experience with.“

Thomas Pettinger, Project Manager of E-ConsentPro at Thieme Compliance


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Native Performance. Multiple Platforms.

Tabris is the first mobile framework that allows you to develop apps completely in Java while still leveraging the power of native UIs.

Free for...

Tabris is free of charge if you use it within an Open Source or educational project. Please contact us directly and describe the project you want to use Tabris for.

How does it work?

Tabris is a Java framework written by Java developers for Java developers to build mobile apps. It uses standard JavaEE technology to create an application on a server. Native clients act as a player for the applications’s UI. They access the application by calling a URL that provides a JSON representation of the UI. The clients will use this JSON message to render the UI using native components. Native components are Cocoa Touch widgets in iOS, Java based widgets in Android and HTML5 in a browser.

Powerful User Interfaces

Tabris provides a powerful widget toolkit that renders native iOS and Android widgets. It is based on a proven technology stack using SWT, JFace and OSGi. You can write your application entirely in Java, re-use existing code and benefit from first-class IDE tools without the need for cross-compiling.

Using the JFace APIs makes accessing complex data models incredibly simple. JFace Data Binding allows you to attach data to your widgets without tight coupling. Virtual Trees and Tables provide you with full control to push only the data that is needed to the client, just in time.

Your tools, your way.

Tabris apps can be developed using your favorite development environments such as: Eclipse, NetBeans or Idea, without requiring any extra plug-ins. This is possible because you can use standard JavaEE to develop apps.

Need offline capabilities?

Tabris.js is our companion product that runs standalone on mobile devices. For native apps written in JavaScript. With the latest Tabris for RAP release, it is possible to create part of the UI in JavaScript, without connection to the server.

Secure Mobile Apps for Business

Mobile devices impose a security risk for sensitive data as they are easily lost or stolen. Storing data physically on the device is a risk. With Tabris there is no data stored on the device and the data sent to the client is encrypted using approved technologies like HTTPS. Your data remains safe on your servers.

Tabris’s Open Source Server Parts use standard servlet technology and runs on any JEE servlet container. It integrates well with OSGi and other Eclipse technologies like Equinox, EMF, Birt, CDO, EclipseLink, Virgo and others. If you have any business logic written in Java it is easy to integrate it into your mobile applications.