Running EMF Client Platform + EMFStore as RAP application on Tomcat

Building an application to view and edit data is really simple using the EMF Client Platform. This includes form-based editors based on EMF Forms. Add EMFStore to the mix and you get collaborative editing and versioning. All of this is merely a matter of defining an EMF model for your data.

If you want to run all this as a web application, you can use the Remote Application Framework (RAP). EMF Client Platform, EMF Forms, and EMFStore support running on RAP without modifications.

Recently Neil made another very useful contribution – a tutorial on how to deploy and run a RAP application based on EMF Client Platform, EMF Forms and EMFStore on an Apache Tomcat server.

Sounds interesting to you? Have a look at the brand new tutorial available here.

And again, thank you very much, Neil, for all your great contributions!

Guest Blog Post
Guest Author: Neil Mackenzie