Tabris 2.0 is here with RAP 3.x support

Tabris-Word-Logo-with-ClaimTabris 2.0 for cross-platform development in Java is here. This release does not bring about any visual changes, but a lot is different under the hood. We are pleased to announce that RAP 3.x support has now made it to Tabris!

Performance boost in RAP 3.x

RAP 3.0 and 2.3 response times

In RAP 3.0 we got rid of much deprecated API and changed the way a server manages its sessions. As a result performance dramatically increased. Check out the tests and comparisons in Ralf’s post, RAP 3.0 Boosts Performance. We continued building on top of our performance work and added further enhancements in RAP 3.1.

Bottom line is, if you create your Tabris application based on a RAP 3.x server, you will definitely feel the difference. Give it a go and download Tabris 2.0 now:

Download Tabris 2.0

Next up…

For more in-depth information, visit Tabris website. If there is a feature missing, you have questions or ideas for future releases, head over to our Tabris GitHub Issues page.