Eclipse Lifetime Contribution Award goes to Markus Knauer

Eclipse Lifetime Contribution Award goes to Markus Knauer

The Eclipse Community recognizes people that make longtime, major contributions to Eclipse with the Eclipse Lifetime Contribution Award. We are very pleased that this year, the Award goes to Markus Knauer, who has been a core member of our team of Eclipse specialists since more than 8 years.

Eclipse Lifetime Contribution Award for Markus Knauer at EclipseCon 2013

The Lifetime Contribution Award was introduced 3 years ago. It has since honored some of the greatest contributors to Eclipse: David Williams, PMC Leader of the WTP Project, the man responsible for leading many Eclipse release trains; our former colleague Chris Aniszczyk, maintainer of and committer on Orbit and EGit, now heading Open Source at Twitter; and Ed Merks, the creator and tireless leader of the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Project. And now also Markus Knauer, Leader of the Eclipse Packaging Project, Co-Lead of the RAP Project and member of the Architecture and Planning Council.

Markus began his Eclipse adventure with g-Eclipse, a project that made Computing Grid resources easily accessible from within the IDE.

He moved on to be one of the initial committers of the Eclipse Packaging Project 6 years ago. As the Project Lead, he continues to provide the Eclipse download packages, which have been downloaded more than 100 million times over the past years – we may call him simply “the 100 million download man”. But Markus' energy goes even beyond this as he contributes as a co-lead to the Eclipse RAP project – the framework that enables powerful modular applications across desktop, web and mobile.

Last year Markus received the Top Committer award. I congratulate him and have the deepest respect for his outstanding contributions to the Eclipse Community.

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