EclipseCon Europe — Talks On-line

EclipseCon Europe — Talks On-line

Eclipse has two annual conferences, EclipseCon (North America) and EclipseCon Europe. These are great venues to learn about what’s happening in the Eclipse eco-system, explore up-and-coming technologies and get to know the wonderful people behind Eclipse.

If you’re wondering how a ‚simple IDE‚ can fill two annual conferences, please read on!

EclipseCon Europe had a number of tracks, including talks related to modelling, Java 7, and Machine-to-Machine compatibility (yes, Eclipse has technology in all those spaces).  EclipseCon Europe also hosted the Eclipse 10th Birthday party!

I attended the conference.  Unfortunately, there were too many interesting talks and I missed many of the ones I really wanted to see.  Luckily the talks are now on-line at (if you can’t find your talk, wait a few days… they seem to be uploading them as I type this).  By having the talks available, I was able to attend the conference, meet with all the interesting people and still find time to absorb the technical details. This is a great service, thanks!

I should also point out that the deadline for talk submissions to EclipseCon (North America) is Friday November 18th.