The Mac@ESE makes me want to stop demo’ing

The Mac@ESE makes me want to stop demo’ing

This morning at the ESE EclipseRT tutorial we are having a great set of talks on Equinox, RAP, EclipseLink and Riena. The room was full and the audience asking lots of great questions. It is great to see so many people interested in EclipseRT.

Unfortunately, there was another episode in the continuing saga of me, demos and the Mac. I was to present various things about Equinox and OSGi. The discussion went fine and short of not being able to switch Mac Spaces screens using the mouse, strange, that was great. When it came to demo however, things were not so good.

Much of the tutorial is based on Toast, an example application that comes from the new OSGi and Equinox book and is now an Example project at Eclipse. The Toast client has lots of great stuff including integration with Google Earth.  Unfortunately, for some reason that only works when running on Carbon on the Mac. OK. Since I updated to Snow Leopard I had to install some retro JREs to get Carbon. Hmm, OK.  To run the with this while running the IDE on Cocoa means I have to setup my PDE Target Platform to use Carbon explicitly.  Err, sure, why not…

Well, it seems there is a bug in PDE (well, apparently the bug is in SWT) that prevents one from editing a Target Platform to set Environment values.  Seemingly my changes were just ignored despite showing in the UI.  Not so great.  The net effect was that my demo failed.  Sigh.

To work around this I had to hand edit the .target file’s XML to add


Now the client works! Of course it was my fault for updating my target just before the demo and believing what the UI was telling me.  Live and learn…  I’m starting to feel a bit like Steve the Uber Geek.

It seems that there are a few other issues like this in the Target Platform editor around Software Sites.  Seems that these are issues related to Cocoa. Working on the Mac still feels like using the poor cousin of Eclipse. Oh well, there is always VMware.  But then Google Earth does not run so well there either…