Eclipse Riena 1.2.0.M1 released

Eclipse Riena 1.2.0.M1 released

The Fellowship of Riena just released 1.2.0.M1. (download). We committers have fixed 40+ issues and added a couple of new features. Below are my personal favorites.

Improved support for message markers. Multiple validation rules and validation messages are now shown correctly (snippet):


The new IListRidget simplifies binding to  lists of elements with one column. This is a bit simpler than using a ITableRidget (snippet).

Easier listening for selection changes using an ISelectionListener on ITableRidget, IListRidget, ITreeRidget, ITreeTableRidget, ISingleChoiceRidget, IMultipleChoiceRidget.

Better keyboard navigation. We have added several new shortcuts. Some examples:

  • Next / Previous navigation element – Up / Down in the navigation tree
  • Next / Previous Module – Ctrl-Down / Ctrl-Up
  • Next / Previous SubApplication – Ctrl-PgDn / Ctrl-PgUp
  • Close Module / ModuleGroup – Ctrl-W / Ctrl-Shift-W
  • Focus on Navigation / Workarea – F6 / F7
  • Focus on Window Menu – F10 (windows only)
  • Quit Application – Alt+F4 (windows only)

and  SubApplication titles now support mnemonics for easier access via the keyboard:


Here’s the complete New & Noteworthy.

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PS: SubApplication, Module, ModuleGroup are explained here.