New Nebula SWT Widgets

New Nebula SWT Widgets

Did you know about the Nebula project at Eclipse? If not, you should… Nebula is a source for custom SWT widgets and other UI components:


Nebula also acts as an incubator for the SWT project at Eclipse. Here’s the list of widgets in Nebula so far:

But wait, there’s more! Tom Schindl, the new Nebula project co-lead, sent out an email detailing some new Nebula contributions on the horizon:

  • Office Ribbon from Emil Crumhorn (Provides a Microsoft Office like Ribbon)
  • Rich-Texteditor from Pavel Petrochenko (Provides HTML-Editing-Facilities)
  • RadioGroup/RadioItem from Matthew Hall (Provides a List-like Group-Widget)
  • XViewer from OSEE (Provides a fancy framework around SWT-Table/Tree)

If you have any widgets you have developed personally and would like to see them used elsewhere, why not consider donating them to the Nebula project?


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