Create a Launcher

Creating a launcher is pretty similar to connecting it. The following steps describe how to create your own Tabris client.


  1. Access to Tabris.js registry requires a license. Request it here.
  2. Fork the simple template application from the This is a simple tabris.js application (launcher) with minimal UI for entering the remote server URL (entry point). The app is written in TypeScript. More information about tabris.js can be found at:
  3. Customize this application to fit your needs. You can remove the UI completely and start the remote entry point directly.
  4. Use npm “adduser” command ( in the root of the project to store the credentials for npm registry in .npmrc file. The file is located in your home directory. This file contains your private NPM token.
  5. Customize the cordova/config.xml to add your application icons, hooks or plugins as described in
  6. Build your app with the Tabris.js build service by signing in to or locally with Tabris CLI as described in .
  7. If you are using the online Tabris.js build service, set your NPM token in the project settings environment variable called NPM_TOKEN