Tom Schindl

Tom Schindl

RAP on e4 - Bumped to RAP 3.0 and e4 from Mars

July 9, 2015

Last few week we worked on RAP on e4 to adopt the latest upstream components from the Mars release:

e4 on RAP - How does it work

May 9, 2014

In the post in which we introduced e4 on RAP we promised to give you some technical background information how we managed to get e4 applications running on RAP - if you are interested in the background, read on.

e4 on RAP - Update for Luna M7

May 9, 2014

Update to Luna M7 We’ve updated the codebase to the upstream Luna M7 bits - remember from the initial post - we had to fork some of the upstream bundles because they contained code we cannot support on RAP.

Getting started with Eclipse 4 applications on RAP

April 10, 2014

In this blog post I’ll introduce you to using Eclipse 4 on RAP.