Samy Abou Shama

Samy Abou Shama

How to package your own p2 repository: FeaturesAndBundlesPublisher

October 25, 2012

Ever wondered how you can create a p2 repository from an arbitrary bunch of pre-built Eclipse bundles and features?

RAP/RWT Tips & Tricks: Styling and Corporate Identity Branding

September 6, 2012

On most of my customer projects that involved RAP, we had to adapt the look of the application to a Corporate Identity branding.

RAP 1.5: the Workbench and the New Default Theme

August 16, 2012

Last month I wrote a post on the new look and feel of e4 and helped all those to revert to the old style that did not like the new theme: Eclipse 4 Theme - ‘New’ vs ‘Classic’.

Eclipse 4 Theme - 'New' vs 'Classic'

July 6, 2012

A few days ago, my colleague Ian ended his excellent and famous Top 10 Eclipse Juno Features List with his #1: the Eclipse 4.