Ralf Sternberg

Ralf Sternberg

Ralf is a software engineer with a history as Eclipse committer and project lead.

In recent years, he devoted himself to JavaScript technologies and helped pulling off the Tabris.js project.

Ralf holds a Master’s degree from the University of Tübingen.

No more waiting. Tabris.js 2.0 is here!

July 20, 2017

Today, we’re proud and happy to announce the release of Tabris.

Tabris.js 2.0 – Top 10 Features: File system access

July 12, 2017

The Tabris.js 2.0 release is now less than a week away (July 18).

Tabris.js 2.0 – Top 10 Features: Simplified API

July 5, 2017

Tabris.js 2.0 is just two weeks away, and the development team is taking this ramp down time to reflect on the release and highlight the features we’re really excited about.

Tabris.js 2.0 RC1 is here

April 25, 2017

There have been many notable changes to the Tabris.js codebase since Beta 2, and today we are happy to present the first release candidate of Tabris.

Use modern JavaScript in your Tabris.js App

April 19, 2016

The latest version of JavaScript (ES2015, or commonly called ES6) is packed with modern features, including classes, lambda expressions (“arrow functions”), block scoping, template strings, and much more.

New in the RAP Incubator: Charts with d3 and nvd3

February 4, 2016

Some time ago we’ve created a draft for a Chart widget for RAP, based on the famous D3.

Nebula Rich Text Editor in RAP

January 19, 2016

When you need rich text editing in a RAP application, things are getting easier.

RAP 3.1 Supports Right-to-Left Orientation

October 13, 2015

Some languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew, are written from right to left.

Write Tabris.js Apps in TypeScript

September 23, 2015

The dynamic typing in JavaScript allows for more flexibility, but it comes at the price of weaker tool support.

Patching Mobile Apps in Tabris.js

July 29, 2015

Imagine you’ve just published a new version of your app when you discover a critical bug that will render the app unusable for half of your user base.

RAP 3.0 Boosts Performance

June 25, 2015

This week, the third major version of RAP, the Eclipse Remote Application Platform, has been released.

Towards Eclipse RAP 3.0: Getting ready for 2015

May 8, 2015

Today, the RAP project delivers the final milestone build on the way to RAP 3.

Unit Testing in RAP 3.0

March 4, 2015

When you test components of a RAP application, you have to simulate the environment that RAP UI code normally runs in.

CollectionView: Display Data Sets in Tabris.js

February 16, 2015

Warning! This article is outdated and might not represent the current state of Tabris.

Do you know the SWT templates in Eclipse?

July 4, 2014

Often when I use SWT templates in a presentation, some people look amazed, so I thought it’s worth sharing.

Ensure Class Library Compatibility in a Maven Build

May 9, 2014

When you build jars that are supposed to work with a specific JRE version, it’s not sufficient to set the correct compiler level.

3 Good Reasons to Avoid Arrays in Java Interfaces

April 11, 2014

If you still find yourself defining methods like this public String[] getParameters(); in an interface, you should think again.

Deploying RAP Applications Made Simple – Introducing the Virgo RAP Server

February 24, 2014

Yes, we love building modular web applications, if they just were easier to deploy on a server!

RAP 2.2 is available

December 20, 2013

Looking back on another eventful year for the RAP project, today we’re proud to publish the results in a new release, RAP 2.

Run UI tests in the background on Linux

December 6, 2013

When you run JUnit tests that open windows and dialogs, all these windows pop up on your screen like fireworks, making your desktop unusable for minutes.

Minimal JSON 0.9.1 available on Maven Central

November 27, 2013

Earlier this year I’ve introduced Minimal JSON, a slim and fast Java library for reading and writing JSON.

RAP 2.1 Released

June 26, 2013

As every year in June, the RAP project has released a brand new version together with the annual Eclipse release.

A Fast and Minimal JSON Parser for Java

April 18, 2013

In the RAP project, reading and writing JSON are critical operations, since the server processes and creates JSON messages for a large number of clients at a high rate.

RAP 2.0 Countdown (5/5)

February 11, 2013

Today’s our big day: RAP 2.0 is being released. Here’s my last post in this RAP 2.

RAP 2.0 Launched Today

February 11, 2013

The Eclipse RAP Project has just launched its long-awaited 2.

RAP 2.0 Countdown (4/5)

February 8, 2013

While we are waiting for the RAP 2.0 release to be published on Monday, I’m introducing you to the most important changes in this major release.

RAP 2.0 Countdown (3/5)

February 6, 2013

RAP 2.0 is approaching and I want to explain the most important changes in this short blog series.

RAP 2.0 Countdown (2/5)

February 4, 2013

There’s only one week to go until the RAP 2.0 release.

RAP 2.0 Countdown (1/5)

February 1, 2013

After more than six years of RAP 1.x, we will release version 2.

RAP 2.0 M3 is available

November 16, 2012

The RAP team has been working hard over the last weeks and made another milestone build for RAP 2.

RAP 2.0 M2 - JSON protocol migration complete

October 5, 2012

During the last weeks the RAP team has been busy lifting RAP’s client-to-server communication to the JSON protocol.

RAP 1.5.1 released

October 1, 2012

Just in time, the first service release for RAP 1.5 has been published on Friday.

The 3 things you should know about hashCode()

September 4, 2012

In Java, every object has a method hashCode that is simple to understand but still it’s sometimes forgotten or misused.

Using Eclipse databinding with Felix

August 29, 2012

Update: It turned out that there is already a solution to the problem described here.

Eclipse 4 Applications on RAP

July 16, 2012

Eclipse 4 is the new platform for application development in Eclipse.

RAP 1.5 is Available

June 27, 2012

We’re proud to announce that a new RAP release is now available for download.

Creating p2 composite repositories on the command line

June 11, 2012

Composite repositories make it easy to maintain different versions of a software in a single repository.

The new Application API in RAP

May 9, 2012

RAP 1.5 includes a new API to define and start RAP applications programmatically (up to RAP 1.

M6 brings markup text support to RAP

March 23, 2012

The RAP 1.5 M6 milestone build is packed with new features, especially for Trees and Tables.

Javascript validation with JSHint in Eclipse

January 26, 2012

Besides all the Java code in the RAP project, we also have more than 250 JavaScript files which total up to 75k lines of code.

Eclipse Juno M4: RAP speaks JSON

December 16, 2011

In the RAP framework, the widgets in a website are remotely controlled by the web server.

Meet the RAP team at EclipseCon Europe 2011

October 26, 2011

If you’re interested in the latest news on RAP, consider joining us at EclipseCon Europe next week in Ludwigsburg.

Lightweight OSGi Applications using RAP's Widget Toolkit

August 29, 2011

Update 2: The new interfaces have been renamed again in RAP 1.

Accessing a huge data set with the web browser

August 15, 2011

The Enron Corporation was the American energy company that was involved in accounting fraud which led to the Enron scandal in 2001.

Uploading files with RAP 1.4

June 23, 2011

One of the new things in RAP 1.4 is the FileUpload widget in RWT, that replaces the old Upload widget from the sandbox.

Key Bindings in RAP

April 27, 2011

Support for key bindings (bug 282449) has been one of the most requested features for RAP.

RAP 1.4 M3 supports JQuery, reduced client size

November 13, 2010

Another milestone build on the way to RAP 1.4 is available: RAP 1.

RAP 1.3 M7 is out

May 8, 2010

After another 6 weeks of working hard towards the Helios Release, we are one step closer.

Name Your Workspaces

April 18, 2010

Here’s a nice Helios feature that comes in handy when you often work with multiple workspaces simultaneously (as we recommend for developing single source application with RCP and RAP).

Great RAP video on YouTube

March 15, 2010

Would you like to get an overview of the best features in RAP in 5 minutes?

Gradients and Rounded Borders in RAP

July 28, 2009

We try hard to enable a “sexy” look and feel for Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) applications.

Multi-locale Support in Eclipse

May 12, 2009

Enabling RCP applications to work with different locales is an essential requirement for server-side Eclipse setups.

RAP in the finals

March 10, 2009

Did you notice that two out of the three finalists for the Eclipse Community Awards in the category “Best Commercial Equinox Applications” are based on RAP?

Single Sourcing withRAP 2.1

January 1, 2000

The Eclipse RAP project has set out to realize the idea of ​“single sourcing”, i.