Moritz Post

Moritz Post

Scan barcodes faster with the new Tabris.js barcode scanner plugin

April 3, 2018

Scanning barcodes is a very common task on mobile phones. If you want to read data from the physical world, there is a good chance that a barcode will provide this data.

Tabris.js 2.4 released with printing support and pinch-to-zoom on images

March 2, 2018

[UPDATE2] The 2.4.1 release has been updated with a 2.4.2 revision to remedy a build issue discovered on iOS.

Tabris.js 2.3 released

December 22, 2017

With Christmas around the corner, it is time for presents! The Tabris.

Tabris.js 2.0 – Top 10 Features: AlertDialog

July 10, 2017

With the Tabris.js 2 release only a few days away we continue our rundown of the Tabris.

Tabris.js 2.0 - Top 10 Features: StatusBar and NavigationBar

July 3, 2017

The Tabris.j2 2.0 release is approaching with many great features in tow.

Tabris.js 2.0 - Top 10 Features: NavigationView

June 26, 2017

Tabris.js 2.0 is less than a month away, and to help celebrate we are highlighting 10 of the most important features in this upcoming release.

Tabris.js 2.0 RC2 is here

June 13, 2017

We are approaching the final release of Tabris.js 2.0 and today we are happy to announce Tabris.

Tabris Maps 2.0 released

August 30, 2016

With the recent advancements in maps features on Android and iOS we also took the time to overhaul the tabris-plugin-maps plugin.

Creating a Floating Action Button in Tabris.js

April 7, 2016

Ever since its introduction at Google IO 2014, material design guidelines have gained more and more traction in the web and mobile landscape.

Styling a Tabris.js TabFolder for Android Material Design

January 29, 2016

UPDATE: The post has been updated to use the new tabris.

Creating Great Apps with a Consistent Icon Theme

November 5, 2015

Creating great mobile apps usually involves making use of icons. May it be as touch target, indicator or just as decorations, icons make an app come to life and provide personality.

Pixel perfect layout in Tabris.js

September 4, 2015

Positioning widgets in a layout is a very common task in Tabris.

Tabris.js 1.1: Custom themes on Android

July 3, 2015

UPDATE 1: With Tabris.js 1.1 released to production, we have removed the “sneak peak” indication from this article.

Customizing the Appearance of a Tabris.js Android app

April 29, 2015

Building a Tabris.js client for Android or iOS has gotten pretty easy thanks to the Tabris.

Tabris.js Examples - Animations

April 14, 2015

Creating an engaging mobile app is a challenging task. There are several best practice approaches to increase user delight and one of them is the use of animations.

Tabris.js Examples - Parallax Scrolling

March 24, 2015

A modern mobile UI should be delightful to use with small details that make the app feel alive.

Tabris.js Examples - Images

March 10, 2015

At some point every mobile app uses images. Maybe to indicate a button or to show you some cute kitten pictures.

Tabris 1.4 Preview: Spinning ProgressBar on Android

June 20, 2014

The days until the upcoming Tabris 1.4 release are numbered and we have another nice addition to share with you.

Tabris 1.4 Preview: Client Dialogs

June 12, 2014

With the Tabris 1.4 release approaching fast, we’d like to preview another nice addition to Tabris: the client side dialog.

First impressions of Apple's Swift programming language

June 3, 2014

Apple Swift logo is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Tabris 1.4 Preview: Print Support

April 17, 2014

Many people can stick to consuming their content on digital screens, but there might be times when you want to have it on paper.

Tabris on Android Wear

March 19, 2014

Google just announced their push into the wearable computing market with the introduction of Android Wear.

User Experience Enhancements in Tabris 1.3 for Android

February 20, 2014

The upcoming Tabris 1.3 release will include visual improvements to the Tabris Android client.

Dart as a programming language

February 18, 2014

Lately i have been experimenting with the dart language a lot.

Crossing boundaries with the new Android transitions

December 12, 2013

A few weeks ago I posted a blog post about how to create animations using the ViewOverlay introduced in Android 4.

New in Tabris 1.2: Set your modal shell overlay color

November 14, 2013

Tabris 1.2 will be released on December 6th with a huge set of new features.

Crossing boundaries with the new Android ViewOverlay

September 19, 2013

Animations are an integral part of mobile applications. They make an app more enjoyable, emphasize actions and, in general enrich the user experience.

Eclipse Command Line Options

August 22, 2013

Eclipse offers a huge number of command line options to configure many aspects.

Efficiently dealing with SWT GridLayout and GridData

July 25, 2013

Creating UIs with SWT or RAP is a common task in many projects.

Follow EclipseSource

June 27, 2013

You find the posts on our website interesting? You are hammering F5 to not miss a new blog post?

Post Google I/O: The State of Android Development [UPDATED]

May 28, 2013

A few weeks ago i posted an analysis of the current state of the gradle based Android build system.

State of the Android Gradle Build System

May 2, 2013

Building an Android project can be challenging at times. The Android SDK ships with a set of helpful ant scripts, but has its shortcomings.

Tabris 1.0 is coming!

April 4, 2013

Here is a quick reminder for all Tabris enthusiasts. The 1.

Launch of Eclipse 4.2.2

March 7, 2013

The second service release for Eclipse 4.2 has been launched.

Evolving Android design

December 7, 2012

With the release of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) the new Android design language “holo” has been introduced.

Integrating Gson into a JAX-RS based application

November 2, 2012

Creating modern applications often involves consuming REST based web services.

Mythbuster: Android annotation performance unravelled

September 28, 2012

Over the last few weeks I have been involved in a lot of discussions whether it is justified to use Android frameworks that rely on a lot of annotation processing.

Advanced Android testing with RoboGuice and Robolectric

September 25, 2012

I’ve been using the Android framework RoboGuice 2.0 a lot lately.

Design for your platform

August 1, 2012

Application design and user experience has become one of the most important topics in the mobile/tablet/startup world.

Loading, caching and displaying images in Android (Part 1)

July 31, 2012

Displaying an image in a mobile application is one of the most common tasks for app developers.

How to apply a custom theme to an Android application

July 20, 2012

Since the release of Android 4.0, we have seen an increase in applications that follow the new Android design guidelines.

Tabris 0.6.1 – New and Noteworthy

July 13, 2012

It’s time for a comprehensive update after the well received Tabris 0.

Tabris demo app launched in the Google Play Store

June 20, 2012

Hot on the heels of the Tabris launch we have released a brand new Tabris demo app in the Google Play Store.

Serious unit testing on Android

June 15, 2012

It is not a secret that we are big fans of Mockito at EclipseSource.

RAP mobile 0.5.8 - New and Noteworthy

May 15, 2012

We are happy to announce another preview release of RAP mobile.

RAP mobile 0.5.7 - New and Noteworthy

May 2, 2012

Once again we are releasing a new version of RAP mobile.

Tabris 0.5.4 - New and Noteworthy

March 14, 2012

In this post we’d like to update you on the latest news in the Tabris (previously RAP mobile) developer preview.

RAP Mobile for Android 0.5.3 - New and Noteworthy

February 27, 2012

The latest Android client for RAP mobile (v0.5.3) is now available.

Eclipse on Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty)

April 30, 2011

Already running the latest and greatest Ubuntu with the new unity desktop?

Agile Thoughts (Part I)

February 12, 2010

In the last few weeks i was confronted with several projects and developers, who were trying to incorporate the scrum process into their project environment.

Tip: Validation with a MultiValidator

February 27, 2009

In the last blog entry regarding databinding, we learned how to create a custom observable for a DateTime widget.

Databinding: A Custom Observable for a Widget

February 3, 2009

The introduction of the databinding framework in Eclipse 3.3 is with no doubt one of the most useful tools in the hands of the form developer.

Toggling a Command contribution

January 15, 2009

Every once in a while something just doesn’t happen to be as intiutive as you would have liked it to be.

Performance Testing RAP on the Cloud

October 22, 2008

A recurring question in the RAP community is, “How good is the performance of my RAP application”?