Building cloud-native (modeling) tools

December 18, 2023 | 2 min Read

Are you on the journey to develop a domain-specific (modeling) tool based on modern web technologies? Curious about the latest tech innovations and their seamless integration for cloud efficiency? We’ve been there and have some insights to share.

The rise of superior open-source components has significantly eased the transition of modeling tools to web-based technology stacks. This shift has allowed for the continued use of traditional technologies like EMF, and the adaptation of existing modeling tools. However, it’s not without its challenges. Developers often face a blend of Typescript and Java, leading to a complex experience, and rigid deployment architectures that increase both maintenance and operational costs in cloud settings.

Our recent talk at EclipseCon 2023 delved into an innovative architecture for domain-specific tools, devoid of compromises and legacy desktop components. This approach harnesses advanced open-source technologies natively tailored for web tools, like the pioneering TypeScript-based model management framework, Langium, and the latest Node-based Eclipse GLSP. This results in a consistent TypeScript environment for all components, improved scalability, and more effective use of cloud resources. Intriguingly, it’s now possible to run the entire modeling tool right within the browser, removing the need for separate cloud infrastructure.

We showcased this architecture through a comprehensive, open-source example modeling tool, which can be a template for your projects. The presentation provided an in-depth look at the integrated technologies and how they work together. We also covered best practices and the unique possibilities this architecture offers for creating state-of-the-art modeling tools in today’s web tool landscape.

Catch the recording of our talk below to discover the next wave in modeling tool development. Embrace the power of the latest EMF Cloud, Langium, GLSP, and other modern open-source technologies, all while optimizing operational costs and enhancing the developer experience.

If you are interested in building web- and cloud-based domain-specific tools or IDEs, please contact us! EclipseSource is your technology partner for building tools and IDEs. We provide consulting and implementation services, as well as sponsored open source development for web-based tools (including modeling tools), Eclipse Theia, Eclipse GLSP, and related technologies such as VS Code.

Jonas, Maximilian & Philip

Jonas Helming, Maximilian Koegel and Philip Langer co-lead EclipseSource. They work as consultants and software engineers for building web-based and desktop-based tools. …