Getting started with Theia - The nextGen Eclipse Platform

January 25, 2023 | 2 min Read

Are you looking for a modern platform for building a custom tool or IDE that runs in the cloud but also as a desktop application? Do you maintain an existing project based on the Eclipse tools platform, but want to migrate to the next generation tech stack?

In this article, we get you started with Eclipse Theia, the next generation platform for building tools and IDEs at Eclipse!

Eclipse Theia has become a very popular choice as a basis for custom tools and IDEs in various domains. However, when getting started with a platform such as Theia, there are often recurring questions on the technology, the ecosystem and the community. We recently gave a talk that will get you jump started with Eclipse Theia as a platform. In case you missed it, you can find the recording below. In the talk, we will highlight the core pieces of the project and its relationship to other projects such as VS Code. We show you the first steps on how to adopt Theia and interact with the vibrant community. Whether you are migrating from the traditional Eclipse Tools platform or new to the Eclipse ecosystem, we will get you started with the next generation of Eclipse!

If you are interested in building custom tools or IDEs based on Eclipse Theia, EclipseSource provides consulting and implementation services for Eclipse Theia, as well as for web-based tools in general. Furthermore, if you would like to extend Theia with new platform features, EclipseSource provides sponsored development for Theia, too. Get in contact with us, to discuss your use case!

Jonas, Maximilian & Philip

Jonas Helming, Maximilian Koegel and Philip Langer co-lead EclipseSource. They work as consultants and software engineers for building web-based and desktop-based tools. …